about Daniel Brown

I'm Daniel Brown, creator of Begotten Life, a blog and inspiration hub for Creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

I've been in love with the ideal of living a life full of creativity and inspiration. Having a central place for everyone to be able to find me and engage with me is important; which is why Begotten Life came into existence. I want to share my – and other creative friends that I meet along my journey – life experiences and passions with the intentions to inspire you to live the life you deserve.

I began my creative expression with music. Trumpet was my instrument of choice in middle school. I chose the trumpet for superficial reasons really; a girl I had a crush on played it and out of all the instruments the teacher displayed for us, I recognized the "King" logo on the trumpet so that became my creative weapon of choice. After playing for years I began to enjoy the musical language and by high school I fell madly in love with the creation process of music.

My early stages of creating music was exhilarating for me because I found a way to express myself and create something that was an extension of me. At this point, music was all I could think of and so with an entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to create my own space for it which is how Begotten Sounds came into creation. A company dedicated towards music production and audio engineering.

Even though I have a lot of love for music, there's an abundance of love in my heart to give so I gave more to my wife, Kia. The relationship I have with her is one that's been blessed with harmony and growing together. After taking our first trip together we enjoyed our time so much we decided to go into business together as Professional Tourists. Having the experiences of going somewhere and doing something for the first time, just about every time we go somewhere, gave me the inspiration to create a life filled with creativity and inspiration and help others create their lives as well.

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Begotten Life spawned from this idea of sharing in the abundance that life has to offer. Begotten, meaning to bring into the world or bring into being, is appropriate to pair with the life that you're creating. Becoming intentional about the type of life you choose to create is the moment you move towards a Begotten Life–with your intentions and actions, you brought into being the life you've imagined in your mind.