Are You Focused On Where You Are Going

When thinking about your dreams, what other thoughts pop up after the initial thought? How about when a good opportunity comes your way, do you think of all the perks or do you think of all the reasons why you won’t be able to capitalize off of it?

Here’s the thing about successful people, they focused mainly on what they want and where they are going. So what does it matter whether you’re thinking about your present situation or thinking about your desired future? Let’s discuss this…


The Difference In Focus

When it comes to your dreams, where do you primarily focus your attention? It’s important to note where your focus is going.

When focusing on where you are, you see all the problems you are faced with and dwelling on them begin to bring down your energy and mood. All your focus is flowing towards the stumbling blocks that are currently in your life and it becomes a constant reminder of the uphill battle you have in front of you on your way to your dreams. This can cause many of us to get weary in our attempts to go for our dreams.

Placing your center of attention on where you’re going gives you more vitality in your approach towards your dreams. When that’s the main thing you continuously vision, you move forward with eagerness to succeed. The present problems are met with a problem solving mind, ready to look for solutions to get you closer to your vision. 

When focusing on the problems of today, you can cause yourself to get into the victim mentality and wallow in it. Knowing the problems of today but shifting your focus to your desired future brings about the actions necessary to actually get you out of your present problems.


Defending Where You Are

When the habit of thinking is constantly entertaining thoughts of present circumstances, you begin to fight for your own problems. Anything new that comes along that can actually help you, being that it’s foreign to your natural state of mind—the habit of thinking with a victim mentality—you will reject the help by defending where you are.

This is not a purposeful rejection, it’s more done in a unconsciously subtle way. You consciously want to change your present situation but your mind will remind you of all the reasons why you can’t do what you want to do. You begin to give yourself all the reasons why now is not the right time to change your life. You begin to withdraw from any attempts at that better life. You are talking yourself right out of obtaining the dreams that you have.


Why High Achievers Focus On Dreams

When it comes to high achievers, their focus is primarily on where they are going because that’s what keeps them motivated to get up each day and create the life they want. The vision they hold in their mind excites them and when the problems of the present arises, they are ready to solve it, putting them one step closer to their dreams.

Habitually focusing on where you are going inspires you to discover the essential steps needed to take to get to your dreams. You are actively looking to bring your dreams to fruition and when an opportunity arises, you assess it and see if it can aid you in your pursuit and if it does you take the opportunity. That’s the main criteria you use, instead of using your current situation as an excuse, you do it because of your current situation and you are actively changing the condition.

High achievers are able to rise above their current situation because they are able to focus more on where they want to go instead of where they are. They know that where they are is temporary and they are going to make sure it’s temporary by taking action to change their situation. 

Try to keep your mind on where you are going. It’s not something that will be easy, especially if you have the habit of thinking about your current situation. You’re going to want to revert back to the familiar route of thinking, but the more you catch yourself when going down the wrong train of though and place your mind on where you want to go, the easier it will become. 

Defending where you are never will help your situation get better. You are only playing the “poor me” card and that gets old quick amongst your peers. It’s counterproductive to defend your condition. You give yourself an out for even trying to rise above it. Nothing gets done and you’re less motivated to take action to get into a better situation.

Become a high achiever and place your focus more on where you are going. Get emotionally charged about your dreams and keep your attention there. Work through your present environment by striving for your desired future.