Growing up is a scam

Ever had one of those moments when you thought about how much fun you used to have as a child? How you used to play make believe and have so much fun being in that made up world; then come back to the present moment and remind yourself that adult life sucks? 

If you have had one of these moments, then start asking yourself when you return from your mental trip to your childhood, why should I come back?


Chains Of Adulthood

As a child we looked up to adults eager to become one, dreaming of all the wonderful things we would be able to do. Drive cars, stay up late, go to the movies every Friday, have no more homework–that’s the life!

Then we reach the grown-up age and we are utterly disappointed. We have to drive everywhere; stay up late to wake up early and tired; go to the theater around rowdy kids; no homework, it’s now thesis papers or extra work from work.

What happened to the dream of adulthood? Now that we’re adults we want to be kids again. Life was much easier and it was packed with much more fun. It didn’t take much for us to have a good time and enjoy the small things in life.

During our youth, how many times have we heard the word, no? Whether it’s a toy we wanted while in the store or eating dessert before dinner, we would be told, no. Even as babies, reaching for potentially dangerous items on the table, our parents would pull us away quickly yelling, no!

Granted, it’s the right thing to do but the young mind is taking these experiences in and interprets them, creating false global perceptions about our personal identity. “Don’t go against authority”; “I’m not suppose to have everything I want”; “I’m not allowed to act a certain way in public.”

The problem with this is that as we grow into adulthood, these false perceptions are still there unconsciously, making up our core personality. Now as adults we put barriers up all around ourselves to protect us from threats of getting our ego bruised. We’ve been conditioned to move through our lives with a certain demeanor.


Stresses of Adulthood

While going for our dreams or completing projects at work, we are confronted with obstacles that can trigger us to respond with stress. In these stressful moments we begin to listen to the chatter going on in our head. The voice talking to us is the conditioned mind attempting to keep us out of trouble; as our parents and other adults did with us when we were children. We don’t want to “get in trouble” causing us to feel our stress level rising. Is it not in this stressful state we either pull back from our goals or we grudgingly complete the project for work?

We hardly do our best work in stressful states. We’re unable to think clearly, let alone creatively.

Look at how children go about completing a task. When left alone, they turn the project into a game. they let their imagination create a fun scenario and they play to win. They view themselves as the hero in the scene and they live up to it in their mind.

Instead of allowing the voice in your head to trigger negative emotions in certain situations, try turning it into a game as children do. This is not to say that it’s not serious but when you step up to the plate with less stress you are able to be more creative and effective at completing your task. 

Even with goals, when a babies wants something, that’s all they care for. Obstacles pop up and they crawl right over it, push against it, roll around it. They will continue to go for what they want until they have it(unless you play the shiny object card and advert their attention). Besides that, they don’t really register obstacles, they know what they want and go for it without any considerations.

As adults we tend to take everything into consideration. Is it the right time, am I ready, will people laugh at me. Tap into your inner child and never mind what they think. Go for your goals for the shear fun of taking the adventure. 


Joys of a Child

The joy of a child is infectious. People light up around joyfulness. How would people react around you? Wearing the “I’m such a serious adult,” that is nothing fun to be around. That’s when work feels like… work.

How did you feel when it was a great day and you were doing your work while being on cloud 9? Everything felt good, time flew by fast and your work didn’t seem so difficult. Get back to the place where you are able to let your imagination transform your surroundings making it into something that you can creatively get your work and goals done. Be the hero in your life’s story, not the stressed out slave.

What’s more exciting? Having to be the main one in front of the room speaking at a meeting or being the hero in front of your super friends, breaking down the battle plan that will bring victory against the giant scorpions. Who cares how ridiculous it is—it’s your imagination.

Some of the best actors know the perks of being a child at heart. Many actors give their best performances when they tap into their imaginations like a child would and be consumed by it. That’s when they become the character. Just reciting the lines, forcing the emotions doesn’t cut it. Letting go of your adult mind and imagining like a child gives you the performance you’re looking for. The best actors get paid handsomely for playing make-belief.

Let go of the idea of what an adult should be and tap into your inner child. Have fun on the road to your goals. Make it a game that’s worth winning, not something that causes stress. Create the imagined world and play the superhero role. Take the adventure and whatever stepping stones that lay across your path, use the powers that were giving you to step up to your goals. 

If you’re working on a project, approach it with the spirit of a child, exploring the different angles that make up the project, enjoying the hunt for the right solution as if it was a hunt for gold. Nothing stressful about this, it’s purposeful play time. 

Don’t just go through life with the belief that being an adult means that you have to be so uptight, let loose and bring more joy into your life by escaping the scam of growing up.