Leave Footsteps Tip Toeing Safely To Death

“Most people tip toe through life hoping to make it safely to death.” ~ Bob Proctor


This statement impacted me in such a way that I had to analyze my life and actions. It’s one of many teaching that inspired me to live a more abundant life.

On my flight to Florida I was wondering what makes people tip toe through life. Why do we play it small when it comes to life knowing that we only have one shot at it? 



Sleeping Demons

The main reason that people tip toe through life is because they are afraid of the opinions of others. Because of this, people do what’s safe so they can stay under the radar of public scrutiny. Taking the safe route deprives you of your true beautiful expression of yourself. 

In order to stay under the radar you have to tread lightly through life by not showing your true self. Your true self is who you are when you’re by yourself; the desires you have for life; the ideas you have that could impact the lives of others in a positive way; the dreams you have that you fall in love with but don’t seriously pursue.

Treading lightly will keep most of your friends and family members comfortable because you are staying in the same box of “who you are” that everyone identifies you with. Stepping out of that box will offend some friends and family members, so to protect yourself from this negative reaction, you refrain from acting on your dreams. You continue with the same daily routine that keep everything in the order as you know it. The fear of the backlash that you can receive from attempting to express your true self is crippling. The fear of losing friends, failure, and criticism causes so many people to tip toe safely to death.

These fears are like the sleeping demons you attempt to tip toe around desperately trying not to wake them. Waking them will cause emotional anguish so you look for the safe route that doesn’t cause too much noise; even if that route is in the direction of your dreams. People wrestle with walking towards their dreams but stop when they see the demons begin to turn in their sleep. 

It may feel safe to tip toe; but ironically, at the same time when you’re alone and by yourself with your true self, you are painfully reminded by your dreams screaming to be expressed.



The Footsteps That Inspires

You have to choose to stop tip toeing if you want the life of our dreams. The demons of fear will always be there until you decide to face them. Having the courage to step into your greatness will undoubtedly awaken the demons of fear. You will feel them as you walk on your path. These demons will attempt to stop you in your tacks and run away from them. Stay on your path and you will find that as you step towards them with resolve, they will scatter due to your unwillingness to back down. You will discover that the savage looking demons of fear are like a dog with all bark but no bite.

Step with confidence, place yourself on the radar and when opinions of others come, remember they are not facts. They are the point of views from where others are standing. These people who criticize are not able to see the path in which you are walking, therefore they are unable to see your point of view. Focusing solely on your path will show you that the words of others are unable to affect you and the outcome you are determined to receive. You are able to take the territory of your dreams while other stand down and do nothing but continue to talk.

Having the courage to live your true self and place footsteps on the world will inspire others to follow in those footsteps. There are millions of people who are struggling with the same sleeping demons and your testimony of overcoming those demons can be the inspired path for those people to walk and slay their demons.



The Journey and Reward

Creating footsteps may be a difficult task but the reward that comes—along with the life of your dreams—is the inspiration you become to all who are looking to live their dreams.

The journey is the enrichment of life. It’s nearly impossible to travel far by tip toeing. Order your steps and create the footprints on this earth. Dare to have a life worthy of telling the next generation. The lessons you learn will help others coming behind you. Whatever that’s important to you, be impactful in that area so you can inspire a new generation. By giving of yourself with purpose of moving in the direction of your desired path, you will receive your heart’s desires. 

No longer will you be tip toeing through life only to come to the end of it with resentment and regrets. Wherever you choose to walk, you are leaving your footprints in this world. Footprints that can outlive you and become a key for others that are mentally and emotionally enslaved.

The “tip toe-ers” are unable to have a voice that has any impact in the world. This doesn’t mean you have to be a Lincoln or an Einstein to impact the world. To inspire even one person to live a fulfilled life is to impact the world. One person living into their true self inspires another and another, leading to a generation inspiring another generation to leave footprints in the world.

What are your dreams? What brings you joy? Can you imagine how living into that dream or joy can inspire others to stop tip toeing and living a better quality of life? The importance of living your true self is much bigger then you think. The sound that is made when leaving footprints can travel and direct the lives of others.

The “tip toe-ers” are not heard; only the ones leaving a footprint are the ones worth following.