Hope For The Future Power To The Present

Have you ever recognized your thought pattern the days where you felt like nothing is going right in your life? Those moments are the times you are not seeing any way out of your current situation. This can leave you feeling powerless or uninspired to continue to fight through your situation. There are many ways to combat these feelings but here’s a simple method I’ve learned to bring more power back into your current reality.


Change Expectations Of Your Future

Not being able to envision a better tomorrow leaves you feeling hopeless about today. Being unable to see how things will ever get better only creates more stress in your life now. You wouldn’t see any reason to go forward and attempt to change your current situation because there’s no belief that it’s ever going to change.

When it comes to goals, most of the time your tenacity in pursuing your goals begin to wither when you start to lose the vision of how your goal can be reached. Maybe you had plenty of bumps in the road during your trek towards your goal, but you only slow down or quit when you begin to focus only on the bumps that continue to pop up. You begin to expect nothing but bumps until you believe that you will never be able to reach your goals.

Can you see how this can take the steam out of your engine? Who would ever continue to strive for something they believe they will never obtain? Seeing only a dark future with the expectancy of it can have the effect of slowing your progress to a halt due to lack of desire.

Change your expectations for the future. By doing so, you bring more hope back into your present. Believing that the bumps in the road are, in fact temporary, you will be more willing to pick yourself back up and continue on towards your goal. Holding a positive expectancy of obtaining your goal will get you over the humps, giving you the energy to persevere.



Persistence is one of the main qualities that is needed to succeed in anything. If you are unable to persist, you can never rise above the many setbacks that come your way in life. 

As Napoleon Hill states it, “Lack of persistence is one of the major causes of failure.”

Holding on to a better expectancy of the future will aid you in the ability to persist. Seeing your goal as already completed and totally believing that you will bring the vision into your reality brings more power to your current reality. No longer do you feel hopeless or powerless with all that’s going on around you; you feel the power to be about the change you are looking to have. 

As setbacks come, you are better equipped to persist around to the other side because you believe in the future you envisioned. Frustrations may arise, yes, but instead of wallowing in self pity, you are more willing to continue with persistence to push through that current situation. With a better vision for the future, you become a better problem solver for the present.


Open to Ideas

When stumbling blocks are found on your path, if you are not envisioning a better future, you are cutting off all possibilities that could help you step over these stumbling blocks. Your mind stays focused on the problems with little hope of finding a solution. 

Staying true to a better expectancy of tomorrow you open your mind up to receive the ideas that could assist you in stepping over the stumbling blocks. The power lies in the belief in the change you want to see. Believing that it’s inevitable that you will change your current reality to the one you envision, allows your mind to search for solutions that will help you overcome your hurdles.

Trying one idea and that doesn’t work, you search for another idea. As long as you keep the confidence in your vision, you will continue to think of ideas and persist in trying each one until you have found the right idea that will bring about the success you were looking for.

Whenever your present begins to feel overwhelming or your goals seem like they are slipping away from you, try bringing your thoughts to mind. Recognize what your current thought patterns are and see how you’re envisioning your future. If you see that it’s looking bleak and there seems to be no solution in sight, take a step back and think of the future you would rather have. Once you’ve got the image, constantly bring it to mind with a state of expectancy. 

By doing this you are allowing your mind to search for a solution that will bring the future you’re holding in your mind. Take the actions on those ideas that come to you and you will feel your power returning back to this present moment. You will have the strength to persist until you bring about the good you desire. A positive expectancy and persistence is key.