Greatest People Are The Biggest Failures

Most of us have goals and ideas we want to accomplish, but a large number of us never actually take the steps needed to achieve them due to the fear of failure. Afraid of being judged, afraid of looking silly, afraid of being absolutely wrong and everyone you know is there to watch you go down in flames.

This can be difficult for many of us to overcome, so how did all the great and successful people throughout time achieve anything noteworthy? From the ones we read about in books to even the celebrities we see today, all of them achieved success by being the biggest failures. Let’s look deeper into this…


Understanding Failure

It has become a common belief that a person is a failure if he fails at any goal he sets out to achieve. No matter if it’s a shot a photographer missed; a song an artist couldn’t get any traction on; or a painting that just isn’t selling; people, including most Creatives, view this as being a failure.

The problem with this assumption is that it creates a barrier in the mind. Most people would rather not risk putting themselves out there and possibly end up being labeled a failure. The risk of the mental anguish is enough to keep people in a box.

The truth about every one of these previous examples is that none of these situations created a failure. The person may have failed at achieving an outcome but that doesn’t mean that she is a failure.

You’re only a failure when you quit on life.

If you set a goal and didn’t achieve it, update the goal and go after it again. If you are having trouble selling a painting, revise your marketing strategy or make another painting. If you, as a vocal performer, are not getting a favorable response from the audience when you perform, practice your set and do more shows. By doing so, you may fail time and time again but in the process you are revising and learning. This is what the most successful people know about failing. They don’t take to the popular belief about being a failure.


How Successful People View Failure

If adhering to common belief surrounding failure, then every successful person would paradoxically be a failure. People who continue to succeed at their goals and projects are the ones who continually go after them and learn from failing. Remove the fear of failure by remembering that failing is nothing but an event in life that happens to give you feedback. The story you tell yourself determines the lessons you learn from that feedback.

Story 1: Every time I try to make a living off of my passion, nobody wants to buy. This sucks! Maybe I’m just not cut out to do this. Better yet, maybe I’m just not a good enough artist. 

Results: You slowly pull back from your dream and play it small so you won’t get hurt anymore. Keeping your passion as a hobby so you don’t have to be exposed to the world with your vulnerability on display.

Story 2: Every time I try to make a living off of my passion, nobody wants to buy. This sucks! Let me perfect my craft as much as possible and enhance my art. I’m getting a couple of people to buy but could it be more? Let me improve on my method of displaying my art and marketing strategy.

Results: You put in the time and practice needed to get better at your craft. You begin to try different approaches on how you create your art; find your voice. You are presenting better quality of art to the marketplace and people are now responding. You also engage with your potential customers in a different way which builds the know, like, trust factor and now you get loyal customers.
These may condensed stories and there may be hundreds of variations to them but the second story is the kind of story most successful people subscribe to. They take each failure and learn something constructive from it and adjust. They keep adjusting until they get the results they are looking for and if the story that they tell themselves begin to change they move on to another project.


Failing Is The Process

People who achieve great things are the ones who understand that in order to be successful, you have to go through the failures. The more you fail, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you respond. Successful people are great responders and problem solvers. Playing the game of persistence is what will take you to the next level, but you have to be a good student. Learn every step of the way and adjust. The greatest people are more successful because they have failed more than anybody else. The people that are remembered are the ones who went out time and time again to achieve a major life purpose and persisted through all of the setbacks, all of the hurt, all of the failures and came through to the other side as a success story.

Nobody will remember you for your failures if you consistently get back in the arena with the determination to win. Once you succeed at your desired goal, the stigma of failing is wiped clean. 

Biggest Failures Meme

We’ve seen the memes, we’ve heard the stories. 

Micheal Jordan cut from varsity. Steve Jobs being fired from Apple. Howard Schultz being turned down by banks hundreds of times. Walt Disney idea being dismissed on hundreds of occasions. 


Every last successful person had their own failures to contend with and they won the battle by, every day, getting back into the arena until they saw victory!

Have you ever had any failures that you've overcome? After achieving your desired goal, how did you feel about those past failures? Comment and Share below.