Greatest Battle You'll Ever Fight Begotten Life

Throughout life, there are plenty of battles you will be faced with that you will have to overcome. The battle to overcome an illness, the push to run that last mile, the fight to come out victorious in the game, the perseverance to keep going until the dream is realized. There’s always a battle to be fought but the greatest battle you will ever fight is the war within yourself. 


The Internal War

Think about all of the battles in your life that you have claimed victory. On the surface, it may seem like fighting against the outer circumstances was the most difficult part for you but what was going on inside yourself determined the outcome of success or failure.

Let's take the battles you face while pursuing your dreams for example. Most people come against adversity and allow that battle to weaken them to the point that they quit on their dreams. They claim—and totally believe—their decision was warranted by the physical battle that have taken place. The truth of the matter is that the inner quarrel they had with themselves is what actually took them off the path towards their dreams. 

The inner battle takes place with what you desire to achieve and your inner voice attempting to convince you that it’s not possible. It’s truly a battle because if you lose this battle, you lose the tenacity to follow through for victory in your outer physical battle.

If you are receiving adversity from people who doesn’t hold the same vision as you, it can become difficult to continue on your path. The battle has begun all the while the second, inner battle soon after begins. Your inner voice begins to attack with doubts of your vision, painting catastrophic pictures that’s aligned with the adversity your receiving. Losing this inner battle can cause you to give in to the hardship and distress caused by your outer battle. So much doubt has clouded your vision that you halt at pursuing it.


The Insidious Voice

The internal voice that attacks your drive and belief is not usually one that is overtly aggressive. It’s more cunning in it’s attack. It attacks you passively by giving compelling reasons why it is hopeless to continue on. It points to your past for evidence to prove why it’s impossible for you to win the battle you’re fighting in the physical world. So much evidence that the voice becomes so convincing with it’s case.

Next thing you know, you believe the voice and now are ready to throw in the towel. No matter the battle that you’re fighting, the inner voice is fighting against your will to continue. That’s essentially two battles you are fighting simultaneously. 

When it comes to winning the physical battle, if you’re able to conquer the insidious inner voice, then the physical battle becomes more manageable. The more you are able to quiet, or better yet change the tone of your inner voice, the more you are able to persevere from one battle to the next on your path to your dreams. As Jack Canfield puts it, “Turn your inner critic into your inner coach.”

The battle with your inner voice is the greatest battle you will ever fight because it’s one that determines how far you are willing to go in your physical battles and it’s an opponent you will constantly come against throughout your life. The more you turn it into an inner coach, the easier it becomes; but anytime you attempt something new, that insidious voice will try to peek it’s ugly head. The encouraging thing is that as you practice changing your inner voice, it’s easier to become quickly aware of what that voice is saying and change it to what you need it to be in order to reach victory in your outer world.

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