Did you know this one phrase limits your life Begotten Life

Ever heard the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”? This mindset is one of the main reasons why people do not get what they want out of life. This one saying alone has caused so much damage in people’s personal lives—maybe more than any other belief that people may hold. 

You might be thinking, is it really that bad? Yes! The experiences, or lack there of, that come out of hanging all that you believe on this one little phrase are very limited and are filtered down to a small portion of what life has to offer. Let’s take a deeper look at why this phrase is limiting and why believing the opposite opens you up to more of what life has to offer…


Stuck In The Physical

When it comes to understanding the world around us, we rely on our main senses; hear, see, smell, taste, touch. These senses are very convincing when it comes to building a belief. It’s no wonder a lot of people take to the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. The rationale behind it is that if I can see it with my own eyes, or if I can grab hold of it for myself, then I know it’s true.

With this mindset, people are stuck in the physical world. Only going by their 5 senses, they close off there mind to other possibilities. Think of how damaging this can be in people’s lives.

The person—let’s say her name is Michelle—that is working 2 jobs to still be “just over broke” and she has been in this routine for so long that she is used to it because that’s all she knows. 

If someone came along and said, “I know exactly how you can live a more abundant life; all I ask is that you trust me and do what I tell you to do and the path will be shown to you in due time.”

Michelle first reaction would be doubt because her senses has been reminding her for years of what she’s capable of; and at this moment, they bring to mind the reality of her situation. She is unable to see anything else because her senses has her rooted in the past. So how does she respond? 

“Ha, I’ll believe it when I see it!”


The Blockage

As with the above example, having this mindset closes you off from opportunities and the power to craft the life of your choosing. The many possibilities that exist are collapsed into those that you only believe are possible—mainly because those limited possibilities agree more with you’re senses; what you’ve seen, what you’ve experienced in the past.

You are not allowing yourself to be open to finding what’s possible in your own life, therefore, you stay in a habit loop or only progress incrementally. The small progressions are only allowed by what you see. If others are not doing it, then you don’t believe it’s possible and don’t attempt to do it yourself.

Not enough faith is given to chance so you only attempt what others have attempted and succeeded at first. The “see it to believe it” mentality creates followers, not pioneers.

It’s kind of reminiscent of when people came to the Messiah asking for Him to perform signs in order for them to believe and He responded with the fact that whoever believes in Him will see everlasting life. And then He did not appease them with performing signs! He essentially showed them that without believing first, they will not see the evidence of what they would want to see.


Rearrange The Words

Rearranging the words into “I’ll see it when I believe it”, helps you regain power over the possibilities in life. This phrase is actually the same as the title of one of Wayne Dyer’s book. He writes about the fact that if you are unable to get the image of what you want in your head and believe in that possibility, you will not see it in your life.

This new mentality encourages your dream life to take front stage in your mind. When you believe in this image more than your outer circumstances, you allow your mind to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be. You’re working out the solution to your problem instead of being closed down to only a few, already proven options. 

This mentality also give you more courage to try things that either haven’t been done before or that you’ve never seen anyone in your environment do before. No longer are you confined to what others think is possible, but now you define what is possible for yourself. You become a visionary.