Remember when you were a young child and you used to role play or imagine you were someone else? Maybe your favorite movie star, or when playing sports, your favorite sports star. Teaming up with your friends to be each member of a team, or maybe even stepping into the imaginary ring as your favorite wrestling stars. Fun times!

Not to be too nostalgic, but playing make believe was a normal yet fun activity we as children would readily do. Now, we find it childish to interact with the world in that way; but, if we open ourselves back up to that childlike part of us again, we may find more benefits from it in our adult years. Check out the 5 ways playing make believe changes your life:

5 Ways Playing Make Believe Changes Your Life Begotten Life


1. Imagining Who You Are Ultimately Makes You Become Who You Are

When you begin to role play and you really get into it, you alter your mind state. If you were fearful about an upcoming meeting and you role played, becoming one of your favorite TV star that’s great in those situations, you have changed how you feel inside about the meeting. If you have truly brought into the role, you will not feel as much fear anymore; it becomes replaced with the emotions you believe your favorite actor feels when a meeting is being held.


2. Role Playing Can Make You More Daring

When you’re totally in the imaginal act of role playing, you are less likely to back away from situations like you have done previously in the past. If you ever find yourself in a moment that calls for you to be bold, maybe like getting a deal done, imagine you are someone from your favorite movie that gets deals done. Playing into that role you will be more confident in your actions with more of a belief that you can get the deal done.

You’re choosing to take on the form of your favorite movie star and act out how he would act. This leads you to be bolder in your actions, knowing how the movie star acts, you emulate his actions.


3. Role Playing Unlocks Hidden Qualities

Now that you are sold out on the thought of being that super hero that you’ve always wanted to be, you will find qualities hidden in yourself that begins to surface. If you see yourself as a shy person, you now begin to initiate conversation, projecting your voice more. If you are working out and you come to the wall that has previously been your limit, you find yourself pushing just a little harder past that wall. 

Your role playing has allowed you to temporarily change your mind of who you think you are and express the greater possibilities that’s within you. By acting out how you believe your favorite super hero would act in the same situation, you are actualizing your potential.


4. Playing Make Believe Makes Tasks Fun

Instead of dreading a task or being bored by it, playing make believe can make it more exciting. You’re able to rearrange the task in your mind so that you are doing something that’s more like an action movie, or a comedy. 

When traveling somewhere to do business, instead of looking at it as another work related event, build in your mind the action scene that’s more exciting. Maybe even build in a comedy scene; one that leaves your anticipating the humorous moments for you to look back on and smile.


5. Imagining Who You Are Ultimately Makes You Become Who You Are

When you continue to imagine yourself to be greater than who you believe yourself to be over and over, you than move to something better. You ultimately become who you have been imagining yourself to be. It starts to become second nature and you are automatically being the bigger person that you previously had to consciously act like. 

From imagining being a bigger person to becoming a bigger person. Playing make believe will stimulate your belief to achieve more—even if it’s just for the sake of creating a good scene for your personal movie. You’re the director and actor so create a role playing experience that will take you further. Repeatedly playing make believe of a strong character will create a concrete belief, which in turn will create a new you.