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When you hear the word discipline what do you think about? Most people think about the times they were grounded, put on time out or spanked (good ole butt whippin’). Discipline has been placed under a bad light over the years. Due to upbringings and strict schooling, the word has been conditioned to have a negative association within our minds. Anytime someone mentions the idea of us needing to be disciplined, we become mildly defensive because we associate it with punishment.

Discipline is actually something that should be placed in the forefront of our everyday lives. The rewards that comes with being discipline are great. With the negative association, it may be difficult to commit to discipline but if you can come to love the idea, then you can create a life filled with rewards.


Reanalyze Your Feelings Toward Discipline

For plenty of us, we grew up in a household where we were placed on a set routine for learning the arts, sports and/or education. If you were like me, I hated having to do the same mundane stuff everyday; in my case, playing the scales on my trumpet. Also, I sometimes wasn’t in the mood for running up and down the bleachers neither.

We’ve all probably had the thought a time or two of not being able to wait till we are grown so we wouldn’t have to be bothered with somebody telling us what to do and when to do it (Once we go to work for somebody or even go into business for ourselves, we find out that’s almost never the case of being an adult). 

Parents making us practice or study over and over in the name of discipline makes us not want to return back under the bind once we’re older. We grow to have a resistance against being disciplined. We may know that in order to get certain things accomplished, we have to be more discipline in our lives; but when we attempt to get into a routine, we quickly find that we’re making excuses not to stick to it.

The old programming is popping up in these instances, attempting to rebel against authority. Doesn’t matter that the command is coming from ourselves, we’re still our own trigger to get this programming into effect. Our minds pass on suggestions to get out of the discipline with excuses like, “I don’t feel like it right now”; “I’m too exhausted”; “I can do it tomorrow”. 

Realize that if we embrace discipline by throwing away the old idea of it being a form of control with the threat of punishment, then we can become more efficient at creating good habits, leading towards our goals in life. 


Harnessing Discipline 

Once we get our head around the perks of being discipline, we can choose what we want to enhance in our lives and be inspired to stick to the daily routines needed.

Aristotle once stated, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” With that in mind, it could be used as motivation to harness the thought of discipline. Approaching order with excitement, knowing the ROI (return of investment), will aid us in creating a life of success. We can have more of an open mind about being disciplined with our daily habits. Harnessing this means that we give ourselves a command and actually follow it. No one outside of us have to babysit us or force us to do the daily actions. We are giving an order to ourselves and are sticking with it. Taking control over our body and impulses in order to create a successful life as we vision it.

The thought, “To live right is to live the hard way”, is a misleading perception. Understanding the reward of a good habit can help change this perception. Sticking to a regimen for an extended period of time creates a habit. The best thing about creating an healthy habit is that it becomes easier to be disciplined to continue in the daily routine. Instead of dreading having to do something, we just do it without thought because it’s now a habit. No more having to be pushed to do it, we just do it because it now feels right to complete it. Now if we miss completing the daily habit we’ve set, we feel like the day was incomplete.

Think about people who workout or who are in sports. They’ve stuck to a routine for so long, now it feels natural and easy to stick with that routine. On a cold day they don’t talk themselves out of going to the gym, they just go. Some days they might not feel like going but they would feel incomplete if they don’t, so they end up finding themselves on the treadmill or with barbells in their hands. Harnessing the power of discipline for themselves makes it effortless to sculpture their bodies.

My mentors told me that I should listen to personal development audios everyday. I had to discipline myself to stick with it but after a couple of months went by, it became second nature. Now I hardly ever drive anywhere without having a personal development audio playing in my car. I’m the music man, I love creating new sounds and listening to a good melody, but it just doesn’t feel right if I’m not engaged in my, as I like to call it, Drivetime University

As a child, we viewed discipline as a form of punishment, either that we were forced to do something we didn’t feel like doing or being made to live with the “having-to-do-something-or-else" rule. Now, as an adult, it would be best to clear out old beliefs around this and see our daily disciplines as something to be treasured. Through these daily routines, we are able to create our lives the way we want them, without too much conscious effort. 

Analyze the habits, choose the ones to replace and replace them with a joyful heart, knowing that your discipline will serve you in life. It’s no punishment when you know and believe that rewards come because of your own daily instructions.

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