To be inspired is a great feeling. It’s a great way to be motivated, and the person that inspires you becomes someone that you continually look towards for more inspiration. You can compare it to refueling your car on a regular basis, you return to the person who inspires you, daily to fuel up on your energy to keep going for your dream.

Finding someone that inspires you can aid you in growing more belief in yourself, becoming a bigger person and your progression towards your success. Seeing someone do something that you want to do so well is motivating, they become the model of how we want to be. As I wrote in the last article, there’s nothing is wrong with role playing in order to become a bigger and better you, but let’s go deeper into the understanding of this technique. While it’s a great mental tool to be inspired and act as they would in different situations, make sure you don’t try to become them at the end of the day…

Let Someone Inspire You Begotten Life

Open To Inspiration

The first step in all of this is that you have to be open to be inspired. If you are closed off mentally to what the greats have done, or being pessimistic to everyone, you are not in the right mindset to be inspired by anyone in the first place. Instead of being fueled up to go for your goals, you could be on low energy, not inspired to continue on your journey.

The benefit of being open to inspiration is having someone who is a great at what they do become a model for what you want to do or a quality you would like to possess. It’s almost like a shortcut, someone has taken a similar path to get where you want to go and they are giving you the end product of the experiences they have gained through the journey. You are able to get a glimpse of what’s to come for yourself and how you need to be in order to get similar results. It’s the saying, success leaves clues.

The Acts of Being Inspired

Being inspired by someone can lead you to want to achieve more. You are being given ideas to try out, acts in character you would like to display. For most people, being inspired leads to emulating the person. By emulating, you get an idea of what goes on in the mind of the person. Imagining yourself to be the person in a situation, giving you extra power and energy to perform better in that situation.

Science even show that we tend to emulate other people in order to learn something faster. We do it with something called ‘Mirror Neurons’. It allows us to look at others and take in information needed to perform as others with closer accuracy and faster then it would have taken without viewing someone else as an example. 

Mirror Neurons is how babies emulate the facial expressions of their mothers, but in our case, taking in the inspiration of someone else helps us perform our actions with more confidence as we hold the image of our inspiration in our minds. We do as they would do and learn quickly how to re-enact those actions over and over.

Being You Is The Best Person To Be

As you grow into a bigger person from holding on and following those who inspire you, know that through all of it, your main goal is to create your style. The first step is to play make believe and become those who inspire you in order to be better in situations. But the next step, after you have consistently become better in those situations, is to find your own voice or style.

After all of the role playing, you will never become truly just like the other person, nor should you want to; but you will find the qualities in yourself that will allow you to be as great as that person. The thing that creates your own greatness is the you that no one else can be. We can emulate, but to fully shine we have to come into our own over time. That’s where we truly shine because no one will be able to be you like you can be you; and when you learn how to express your higher self more effectively, you will be a person of inspiration.

The world calls for people of uniqueness, we can all learn from each other but advances comes through your individual thinking. So allow yourself to be inspired by others, but know as you master that step it’s time to master the next, which is learn how to express your uniqueness with exactitude. 

Know how to be your creative and best self in situations that you used to imagine yourself as other people. Once you become used to being your bigger self, you are able to add your flavor to the person you imagined to be; creating a true version of yourself. A version that you can be proud of and others will look towards as a person of inspiration. 

Be Inspired, Be Great!