If success is a mindset, then mediocrity is a mindset also that limits a person to find the success he is looking for. Tony Robbins once said, “Wants don’t get met consistency, standards do.” To get a better quality of life, you have to raise your standards of living. This can mean changing your view of what luxury means to you. One tweak in thinking, which we will discuss here, is the thought that in order to have your dreams and desires in life, you have to realize that today’s normal was yesterday’s luxury.

Today's normal was yesterday's luxury Begotten Life


The Things You Want Versus What You Expect

There are many things that we want in life. One of the main problems that hold us back from obtaining them are what we actually expect to get in life. We may want a bigger house, better car, bigger cashflow, or better quality of relationship, but what are our expectations in these areas?

You say you want better things in life but are always looking for the cheapest price on everything you buy. Your actions are contradicting your wants, keeping your mindset locked in the loop of only acknowledging whatever that may be found around you that’s cheap. This conditioning will have you going through life looking past the things that you really want because you don’t believe you can obtain it.


Tweak Your Thinking, Condition A New Mind

With old conditioning, your awareness is only on what you believe you are capable of having; the things you already have in your life. A cyclic pattern emerges and you continue to stay in the same zone of receiving only what you expect to get.

There are many steps that can be taken to break conditioning, but this one tweak in thinking is a way to get you going on breaking the condition. Understand the fact that everything we view as normal today was yesterday’s luxury.

Just about everything we take for granted today was considered luxury years ago. Take cell phones for instance, we all have them—touchscreen at that—but when they first began to be introduced to the public, it was a big deal to have one. If you had a car phone, you were considered rich. What used to be a luxury is now readily available to all people at many different price points.

Speaking of touchscreen, my first iPhone was considered a high class phone and now everybody on every cellular network has a touchscreen phone. It’s the industry standard now.

TVs were once a luxury, now you would be hard press to find a household with no television whatsoever in it. 

Understanding this fact can allow you to open up a little bit more when it comes to the luxuries you want in life. Instead of looking upon your desires with shameful eyes or thinking it’s too far out of reach, remember that it may be a luxury today, but tomorrow it may just be the new normal.


Turning Luxury Into Normal

As you wrap your head around this simple fact, you can now view your desires as something worth striving for. Whether it’s material or not—remember what we discussed in “The Truth About Goals”—know that all you want can become a reality. The only thing that’s holding you back is how you view the things you want. Are you putting it too far up on a pedestal?

The more you view your desires less like the objects that reside amongst the stars and more like your personal standards, the easier it becomes to obtain your desires. You allow your awareness to open up more and show you the steps needed to receive what you want. You become more aware of all the good that’s around you.

Even if your desire is for a more loving relationship. If you are saying you want a great relationship but see that possibility as something only seen on TV, then that desire is mentally placed too far from what you view as a standard. Once you begin to believe that a great relationship is your new standard, you begin to receive ideas that will aid you in having a better relationship with your partner; or you will meet someone who better fits your standards. 

Once your awareness broadens, it’s no turning back. You will find yourself demanding a better quality of life until you come to the point that everything you’ve desired has become your reality. You are living a life where today’s normal was yesterday’s luxury for yourself.