There are two worlds that are going on simultaneously, the inner world and the outer world. We deal a lot with the outer world, that's because it's what seems the most real. It's tangible, we can convincingly feel what the outer world feels like. But let's turn our focus towards the inner world. When it comes to this realm, are you in control of this world or are you more reactant to what is presented to you in this world? If you are the latter, then I want to invite you to see the different benefits you may be missing out on if you are the slave to your inner world instead of the master.

Are You The Slave or Master Begotten Life

The Chatter

In your inner world, there is a dialogue that is constantly going on. Chattering about what’s going on in the outer world, questions about the incidents that happened last week, debates over the meaning of events that happened in the past, and the list goes on. This inner world can get to the point where it becomes detrimental to your progression in the outer world when it’s constantly dwelling on the past. 

When the conversation in your head turns against you, this is when you have a problem. If this chatter is the loudest thing in your inner world and if you’re giving too much attention and belief to what you are hearing, then your brain is making you the slave. Your own mind can become a volatile place if not properly taken by the helms. If allowed to run wild, it can drive you crazy with the disempowering thoughts it will convince you to believe. These disempowering thoughts stem from past events that you internalized as proof of your limited capabilities. This kind of brain can be known as the conditioned mind.

The conditioned mind hinders you when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. It gives you all of the reasons why going out of your comfort zone is too dangerous, almost demanding that you stay where you are or else disaster will inevitably strike. Being a slave to this mind will keep you from going for what you really want and make you stay content with where you are.

Becoming The Master

Taking control of your mind will give you more control over your actions and what internal conversations you allow to persist. You are not your brain. The brain, being conditioned to run programs from your past, creates the chatter and plays it on a loop; but you, the mind, can guide it and permit it to think what you allow it to think.

With enough attention to the chatter and training the brain to have the conversations you want it to have, you will teach the brain to aid you in all your undertakings.

By training the brain, you are lifting yourself to become the master. Now you are able to enter your inner world and sculpt the landscape the way you prefer it. The conversation that occurs in the inner world is something that’s more in line with encouraging you instead of being abusive.

When you venture out of your comfort zone, your conditioned mind will attempt to keep you from stepping out, but as the master, you are able to be aware of this and say, “Thank you for sharing” and continue on expanding out of your zone. 

Mastering your inner world can allow you to reap better rewards, live a more fulfilled life. It may take a whole lot of conscious effort, it may take time, it will be one of the hardest things you will ever do; but it will be worth it. Your dreams, your quality of life, your peace of mind, they are all worth it!