Food is not the only thing if left lying around, that over time, will become stale. Just about every aspect of your life is prone to becoming stale if you are not giving any attention to it. Your job, your relationships, your business, even your hobbies can slowly degrade if you allow it to fall to the waist side. If you want to keep this from happening in the multiple areas in your life, then you might want to keep in mind this 2 step, very straightforward process to keep anything from becoming stale—except when it comes to food of course…

2 Step Process To Avoid Anything From Becoming Stale Begotten Life

Give More Energy

As it is known, where attention goes, energy flows. No matter which area in life you are thinking about, if there is not enough attention given to that area, you will find it to become stale. Without any attention focused in the specific area, the energy level around it is low and it begins to decay.

For example, if you are really driven at work, putting in extra hours, taking on many projects, extremely focused on executing everything with a high degree of accuracy, then you are placing a great deal of attention in that area. But if you come home after all of this on a consistent basis, only going through the motions with your partner, then not much energy is going into the relationship. You come home eat, watch a little tv, have little conversation and get ready for bed just to get up and do it all again.

Because there is so little attention going into the relationship, it is bound to go stale. Next thing you know, you both feel like you are drifting apart and it’s not what it used to be. By giving little to none energy to the relationship, you find that it has become stale. Allocating your energy to give more to the relationship will allow it to grow. 

If wherever your attention goes, energy flows, then if no energy is flowing to an area, it is dying. In order to keep an area in your life from becoming stale, it would be wise to give some attention in that area.

The Better Quality Of Energy

When giving your attention to areas in your life, just giving the same type of energy over and over will make the whole process itself stale. To combat this, try giving more thought on how you can switch things up. Don’t have to be anything crazy, simply tweaking the order in which you do things can help. 

Taking the process of how you complete your work for example, instead of going through the motions of systematically completing the steps in the same order as always, try changing the order of the steps whenever possible.

I tried this when I was completing a mix for a song. Instead of starting with the same types of tracks I usually do, drum tracks first, I decided to start with just the lead vocal first. That simple tweak in order made the whole experience a fresh one. It had me approaching the mix in a different way from beginning to end. It was a new challenge and I enjoyed the freshness.

Just giving the same type of attention to something do not mean that a high quality of energy will go in that direction. By it being the same level of energy flowing in that direction, you don’t see any big improvements in that area. Giving a better quality of attention—thinking of how to improve your efforts in any given area of life—will allow you to grow in that area.

In all aspects of your life, make an effort to maintain a good level of attention. It doesn’t have to be equal attention giving to all areas, but a good ratio is beneficial. Give enough energy to all areas in life that will allow you to be fulfilled. Then give a good quality of energy. The type that will aid in the process of growing and expanding. Without the right quality, the given area will still become stale; maybe it will take some time for you to realize it due to the slower decay, but it will perish. By doing these 2 steps, you will be better equipped with tools that will help you to keep the freshness in all areas of your life.