Super Bowl Commercials

For years now we have been looking for ways to get around all those annoying commercials placed between our favorite shows. Whether it’s Tivo, DVR, or web streaming services, we want the best service that helps us skip commercials. But all of that changes when it comes to the Super Bowl. This is the only time where the commercials are just as much excitingly anticipated as the actual program. What makes these commercials different then any other and what is the message that we, as viewers, are sending to businesses? (Some of the best from SB50 are located at the end of this article)


The Spotlight Is Waiting

It’s the big game, the Super Bowl, and over a billion people are watching. Companies know they have to create something that stand out and capture peoples attention. Tradition has been made that when it’s time to take a break from the game, the spotlight is on commercials.

Companies respond by putting a whole lot of creative effort into making a special kind of commercial. Anything ordinary will be easily spotted by the viewers and classified as either boring or a waste of time and money to be in that slot. This is the time companies know they have to put on a good show themselves.


Evoking Emotion

The best commercials that are found during the Super Bowl are the ones that evoke the strongest emotion of some sort. The two top emotions you will see is either funny or heart warming. 

Unlike the normal commercials that air any other time—the time we feel the need to skip—these commercials are engaging and creative. Companies put in a lot of time and creative effort into making something that will stand out in the slot during the Super Bowl. 

The funny commercials are made to be something that you can laugh at with your friends. They make you want to watch again and then mimic what you see. They sometimes even begin a trend amongst the viewers who go on to recite the punchline at the bar, in the car, or at the job. It’s an ongoing joke that creates bonds with friends:

The commercials that pull on the heart strings are the most popular because they evoke such a strong emotion that viewers are able to bring to mind something in their lives and can relate to the message. It touches home in a heart felt and warming way that viewers are not able to take their eyes off the screen:



The Message We Can All Take Away From The Super Bowl Breaks

All these fun and heart warming commercials found during the Super Bowl and the way viewers respond, a valuable message is being conveyed. We as viewers—as people in general—love creativity. We love to see a piece of work and have the feeling that the creator put his or her all into making it. 

Commercials are known to be something that viewers want less of; but when the commercials are taken to a creative level, we do not mind giving our attention. We enjoy them as part of the show. That’s proven with the countdowns of the greatest Super Bowl commercials that airs as it’s own show before and after the Super Bowl.

When it comes to putting out content—whether it’s music, writings, movies, shows, or even advertisements—the more value and/or creativity placed in that content, the more we as consumers do not mind giving our attention. It all boils down to sharing good work and maybe if companies focused on putting out creative content more often, they would see a bump in ROI. 

The ads that are shown during the Super Bowl are great examples of high quality content. Even brands that people normally do not buy from grab attention when they display creative commercials. For example, unless you are in the market for website hosting or domain, you are not really concerned with GoDaddy; but the commercials they air during the Super Bowl are so creative and shocking that you are left with needing to know what Godaddy is all about:

For all of us that are putting out any kind of content, let’s all take the message that the more creative we are and determined to release good content, the more our potential viewers are willing to give their attention. Let creativity be the driving force, not an afterthought. 

I'll leave you with some of the best, most creative commercials from this past Super Bowl 50, enjoy: