Have you ever was so excited to act on an idea you had only to realize hours, or even days later, that you haven’t taken any steps at all towards fulfilling your idea? Seeing all the possibilities laid out before you in your mind’s eye and then the next thing you know, you have hesitation and doubt to even move forward with your idea. Overthinking is a problem that pops up for many people and disguises itself as mandatory critical thinking. But what to do when you find yourself stuck in mental limbo? Let’s understand what it means to overthink and how to get past it…

Get out of mental limbo of overthinking Begotten Life


Giving Birth To Procrastination

The overthinking process can be viewed as a parent of procrastination. The process creates doubt and introduces fear into the mix. Next thing you know, no action is being taken.

When an idea comes along or you have an action step you know you need to take, being engulfed with thoughts of considerations and possible problems can cause you to press on the breaks and not do what you know needs to be done. Thoughts along the lines of worrying about the negatives that could come out of you taking the action or believing that nothing at all will come out of you taking action causes you to not want to move forward.

Some people try to rationalize overthinking as an act of figuring out all the bumps in the road and red lights so they could have a better idea of how to maneuver around them. So instead of moving forward, they delay any action The only problem with this is that we don’t ever know exactly how everything will play out. There will always be bumps in the road and not every light will be green. If you wait for the streets to be totally clear, you will never get started.


Acting While In The OT Process

No matter how much you achieve, there will always be a voice of worry in your head about something. The people who advances consistently despite this voice are the ones who are able to ignore or minimize the voice and continue taking action. They do not fall into paralysis due to overanalyzes. 

Overthinking only takes place when we think something wrong will happen. Have you ever realize that when you have no doubt about what an outcome will be, you easily put yourself into action to obtain that result? There’s no delay or hesitancy with your actions, you just do it.

When we begin to entertain the negative possibilities of any situation, we hesitate and delay all actions. The more you are able to get past the catastrophic thinking, the faster you will be able to act on your ideas. 

It’s nothing wrong with taking things into consideration; but when you’re only dwelling on the considerations without coming to a decision or committing to taking action, you put yourself in mental limbo.

As you grow in discipline, when you catch yourself in the process of overthinking, you will be able to take the action despite the negative chatter going on in your mind. When it’s time to take action and you find yourself beginning to go into deep into overanalyzing, be aware of it and take action in that very moment. By taking the action while you’re in the overthinking process, you cut it short and eliminated any temptation to procrastinate.

Most of the time, a funny thing happens when you act after you become aware of yourself going deep into the overthinking process. You find that all the possible situations you were analyzing over and over hardly ever come to past. Taking the action in spite of overanalyzing gives you better feedback then just wondering what would happen if you were to take that same action.