I’m sure most of us have taken that vacation where it felt so good to get away. The days were nice and sunny, the drinks kept coming, so many fun activities to do and beautiful places to see. Everything felt right…

Until the vacation was coming to an end, then thoughts about what you were returning to began to creep in. The saying then comes next, *sigh* “Back to the real world.”

That’s just one of the sayings that embodies the collective view of “the real world”, but there are many more that people say from day to day. Let’s look more into the widely accepted belief of these 3 words and what these phrases say about our way of thinking.

why the real world is anything but real Begotten Life


“Back To The Real World”

When a good trip is coming to the end and this phrase is expressed, the person is basically expressing the thought of having to go back to a less than desired life or job. Back to all the problems that are waiting back at home.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that these problems, jobs, or less than desired lives are things that we can change or correct. If we can change it for the better than is it really the “real world”? 

It may be just the world that we choose to accept. There are so many paths and experiences in life that we as individuals will not be able to live every one of them but we can choose which ones we would want to live. Every last one of them is apart of the “real world” but most people choose to subscribe to the notion that the real world is a miserable world. With that kind of thought, it’s no wonder why people anxious about their lives, let alone the world.


“That’s Not How It Works In The Real World”

This expression is one that people like to say to someone who receives a different, more favorable outcome in a situation. Maybe it’s because of their talents, or maybe because of their financial or celebrity status, which ever one it is, is it not their reality? These people may have favorable breaks or are in a better position to have some great things happen but that’s their world and their world is “the real world” to them.

Again, saying this expression says more about your perspective of life more than it says about the other person. It shows what you expect out of life and what you believe you will get. Just because a certain outcome is not the one you usually find yourself receiving, doesn’t mean that it’s not the real world. Classifying only the experiences that you, or a group of people, live as the true experiences that constitute the real world is a limiting, closed minded view of the world.


What Is The Real World?

If we understand that these sayings and other renditions are limiting viewpoints, then what is the real world? The real world is subjective. You are living your life with a set of filters that you have acquired throughout your life, giving you an impression of what the world is. That impression—which may line up with other people views—makes up your own beliefs of how the world operates.

We all have different viewpoints of the world but all these viewpoints are true to us. This is the real world, the strongest beliefs we hold that mold our expectations of what life have to offer us. If this is the case then we have the choice to have a different set of expectations. Changing our expectations changes our world. The second we change what we expect in our lives, we have a new “real world”.

If you create a life that you never need a vacation from, then you will have created a great environment that is worthy and exciting to be called the real world.