When a rainy day comes along, what does it mean to you? What feeling is felt on those days where it’s just cloudy and wet? Rainy days are often made synonymous with sadness. Not matter if it’s the catch phrase for the financial advisor or the song lyrics in just about any song that speaks about any kind of depression, the thought of rainy days are majority the same across the board—sad, gloomy, dreary. Is it something you can agree with, and if so, why is it so easy to have the same sentiments all the majority of the population?

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The Trigger And Condition

What constitute a gloomy day? If you were to describe it, I’m sure that the description would line up with most people descriptions. That’s because it’s been popularized for centuries of what makes up a gloomy day. Gloomy, dreary, miserable. Think about how depressing these words sounds. The association in your mind that comes with just describing a day like this are one of like manner.

The standard descriptions of a rainy day are able to create triggers in your mind about miserable moments in your life. It can direct your mind to all of the things that are not right in your life. You could find yourself dwelling on less than desirable thoughts or feeling drained of energy, leaving you doing much of nothing for the day.

If this is the case, then recognize the fact that you are allowing outside events and conditions to trigger you. Your mood is being dictated by your outer environment.


What Does A Rainy Day Mean

A rainy day means nothing but what we assign it to mean. If you find yourself being negatively affected when it rains, realize that you may tend to allow outer circumstances to determine your attitude. View it as a chance to be aware of how you are reacting to your environment.

Most people take the rainy day as a gloomy, muggy day where they want to just stay in and feel pretty somber. But there are so many meanings that you can attribute to the day. You could see it as a chance to go into a room for solitude and experience peace while listening to the music of the rain.

Another meaning that can be pulled from the day is the chance to go out and see the world in a different, more quiet way. Other than the rain, the stillness of the environment; a chance to have the boulevard or the walking path to yourself.

How you define the rainy days will determine how you're affected by it. There is always something that you can pull from any condition that could have a better meaning for your overall well-being. It may seem like a small, inconsequential act to redefine a rainy day, but this act can be viewed as practice for when your personal rainy days come along.

Instead of allowing your personal rainy day bring you down and break you, you will be looking for the other side of the coin in the situation. You no longer allow the environment to dictate to you how you should be feeling. You are more in control and better respond to your circumstances. By practicing to change the meaning of a rainy day, you are better equipped to pull another, more desirable possibility that lies in every circumstance. You reclaim your power of choice, instead of being enslaved to reactions.