I appreciate what you do, I appreciate you. These are a couple words that we say to people. It may seem like not a big thing to say but the impact behind it can go a long way. When you think about the underlining meaning with telling someone that you appreciate them, you may want to show your appreciation a little more. Maybe even express it more to your friends and children. Here are 3 quick reasons to express your appreciation for others more often.

reasons to express your appreciation more often Begotten Life


1. To Acknowledge The Increase In Quality Of Your Life

When you show appreciation to someone you are lifting that person up to a higher state in gratitude. It can be compared to the process of money when it is placed in a specific account. While there, the money over time will appreciate or grow instead of sitting idle.

Expressing your feelings about what someone has done is to acknowledge the enrichment of your life that the other person has just added unto you. It may be something small or it may be something that wasn’t even done consciously for your benefit, but because of the act, it had some type of impact in your life for the good. That person has just added to your quality of life in some way and it’s good to express your appreciation.


2. Encourages The Other Person To Grow

Another meaning for showing your appreciation is that you encourage the other person to grow. Think of this like a painting where, as time passes the painting appreciate in value. The same can be said with another person. When you express your gratitude, you are in essence watering the seed of the relationship. As time passes and with enough appreciation, your relationship grows. The other person is grateful for your gratitude and they feel the urge to continue to do good.

Your expression shows the other person that their acts were not in vain. They were recognized and because of it, they don’t mind to continue with acts that are beneficial for the both of you.


3. Expressing Your Gratitude Increases Their Quality Of Life

Lastly, when you express your appreciation to someone, you in turn have appreciated in their eyes. By expressing your gratitude, you automatically enrich that person’s life in that moment. You are happy for what they have done and in expressing that happiness, you have brought joy into that person’s life.

It’s the happiness of knowing that their acts were received and acknowledged. This is immediately transferred to them when you express your appreciation. A true, heartfelt expression; not just a mere lackluster utterance of the words. We find some of our greatest joy when we serve others, so when you show that someone’s service towards you was received with love, they are fulfilled. It’s like a mission accomplished.

So when someone gives you good service, displays their trust in you, enriches your life in any way, make sure you show your appreciation and verbalize your gratitude. It becomes a reciprocal transference of the right kind of energy needed to strengthen any relationship; or it, at the very least, communicates the acknowledgement of one of the highest form of human expression.