Have you ever had those times where you felt too sluggish to do much of anything? If you have, then you know the struggle of deciding to take a nap only to wake up still unmotivated to get things done. The search for energy falls short to the thought that more sleep will help in obtaining an energized spirit. Let's discuss the 2 ways of getting more energy—assuming that sleep deprivation is not the cause for your sluggishness.

2 ways to get more energy Begotten Life

Assuming that the lack of sleep is not the issue, think about all the times people had projects they wanted to do but felt too sluggish to start and sleep didn't give them the boost they needed to get into action. Isn't it funny that the more sleep someone gets, the less energy the person seems to have. There is a such thing as too much sleep. Getting too much sleep can turn against you. That's mainly because getting your precious sleep every moment you can creates a habit. The habit keeps you feeling low on energy so you can turn around and take another nap. This is why sleep or naps are not one of the main ways to get more energy to complete projects. So with the sleep option off the table, there are 2 ways to get more energy:

1. Have A Good Attitude

This may seem like a "of course" statement but have you ever realized how amped up you feel when you wake up in a good mood; or even when it's a "good day". What do you say when someone acknowledges your positive actions and your abundance of energy and asks you what's gotten into you today? The common response is, "I don't know, I'm just in a good mood today."

When your attitude is on a high, you feel like you can go non-stop. The good attitude is preceded with a good train of thought. Waking up in a good mood happens because you were having good thoughts. Those good thoughts lead to you going through your day with a good attitude and more willing to get things done.

The discipline comes in when you train yourself to be in a good mood. It's better to make it a habit to have a good attitude than to hope and wait for that "good day" come along. Being able to put yourself in a good mood gives you the energy you are looking for to attack your project with vigor. It may take repetitive effort over time to train yourself to consistently have a good attitude, but it will be well worth it to be able to call upon extra energy when needed.

2. Take Action Despite Your Feelings

This is another one that may seem like "yeah, ok". Just not feeling like it will be the main obstacle in that moment to get over. If you can push yourself to just get started, you can gain a little momentum and begin to feel the refueling of your energy. By getting into action despite how you feel, you are allowing yourself to have a chance to get into the zone. 

Once in action, your thoughts are going to fall in line with what you are doing. Combining number 1 here, with the right thoughts as you take action, the change in feeling you will have. Your feeling can change from not being in the mood to being totally focused on what you are doing. Just by jumping into action, you are shifting the inertia of feeling fatigued to gaining steam behind you.

Taking action despite your feelings is to put out the energy you have which in turn gives you more energy to release. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do the thing and you will have the power." Exert your energy to gain more energy. Once you are in motion, it is easier to stay in motion. Excitement, momentum and a good attitude comes with taking action. 

With these 2 ways of gaining energy, you can combat any lethargy and get on the right path. Train yourself and reap the rewards of being disciplined enough to take action on your projects.