There comes so many opportunities around every corner for people to quit on their goals. Today, it seems like it’s much easier to these opportunities up on their offers. It’s such the easy path because it brings the most comfort. Even though that may be the case, commitment to a goal or ideal is 100 times more worthy of us. Besides the obvious reasons, let us discuss why being quick to quit is an enemy to your very own being.

reality of being so quick to quit Begotten Life

The Pattern That Form

I’m sure there are things in everyone’s lives that we have all quit or thought about quitting. That’s expected, but the first subtle problem of quitting anything is that it becomes much easier to quit the next time around. It’s not as hard as the first time, less thought is put into it and once again, that’s it.

From one goal to the next, the option of letting it all go becomes exceeding easy to do. Matter of fact, it becomes the first option. A pattern emerges, at any sign of hardship, the exit sign is quickly found and used. This newly created habit is a mortal enemy to perseverance; one of the dominating qualities needed for success in any undertaking worthwhile.

The Trick of Comfort

As I stated earlier, quitting is the easy path to comfort. Choosing to stop pursuing anything just because you are met with a certain degree of difficulty is to choose to stay comfortably in the situation you’re in now. You are basically saying the pain of change is worst than the pain of staying the same.

The illusion of your present comfort zone is that it convinces you to turn away from any difficulty because it’s a threat to your coziness. The truth is that if your goal or ideal is worthy of you, then it brings with it’s attainment a higher level of comfort. this realization is usually not seen because of the habit of quitting and the smoke and mirrors of your present time comfort and the temporary time of being uncomfortable while obtaining your goals.

The Denial of Self

Quitting at the first sign of difficulty is to deny oneself. The power that lies within you is much greater than any obstacle that may arise. To give in so quickly is to deny and distrust the power of your higher self.

I once heard Bob Proctor say, “ You got more power in you then you’ll ever use, your job is to develop as much power as you can in your lifetime and harness it.” Quitting out of fear is not allowing yourself to express the power that’s within. You leave it dormant.

Allow yourself to demonstrate the greatness you hold. Being so quick to quit only hides you from your higher self. When the road seems rough, remember the repercussions of giving up so easily. Remember the treasure that lies at the end of the road. Allow yourself to be inspired, be great.