We all would agree that when it comes to a math problem that we may not know the answer to we, however, understand that an answer to the problem does exist. Same goes with a puzzle, we may have a difficult time figuring it out, but we do know that there is a way to solve it, we just haven’t found that way yet. So why do we feel like when it comes to problems in our lives, there’s no answer for it? We begin to feel hopeless. 

There is always a solution, you just have to stick at it long enough and keep looking. Keep this in mind the next time you are faced with a difficult situation where there seems no way around or through it…

There's always an answer greater than the problem Begotten Life

Raise To A New Level

Einstein once stated, “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.” The way of thinking and the level of awareness you had when you first realized a problem must be changed in order for you to find an answer. Your level of awareness needs to be raised to a new level. 

Take the math problem for example. When there was a problem that stumped us, we went searching for the way to solve it.  We looked over notes and example problems until we understood the laws pertaining to the problem. Once understood, we applied our new level of understanding back to the problem and we were able to find the correct solution. The haziness of our mind was cleared and we were able to see clearer. Our level of awareness was raised due to our reviewing and gaining understanding.

The same with the problems in your life, you can’t come to a good answer with the same mind as before. There must be a lifting of your mind to a higher level of understanding in order to find the answer that is greater than your problem.


Gaining Understanding

As Solomon stated in scriptures, “In all your getting, get understanding”. The more understanding you have about yourself and your surroundings, the better you are to have ways to advance yourself through any problem. You can gain understanding for the problems in your life the same way we just discussed with the math problem.

You can review example problems. This may come from other times in your life where you overcame something similar, from analyzing how a friend or family member overcame it, or find the solution in a book. No matter what there can be an answer found that will rise you above your situation.

If you can take a step back from the problem and find what habits of thought you persisted in that could have contributed in creating the obstacle, then you can research and experiment with ideas to find the best solution for your situation.


Committing To Change Long Enough

For any difficult situation, there may be more effort needed for you to overcome it. You might be deep into a problem. The main quality that will be on your side is persistence. If you cultivate the character of persistence, you will be able to allow yourself enough time to actually find the best way out for yourself.

There are so many examples of people who lacked persistence to keep going, keep searching, only to quit short of the goal line. Without the will to continue even after one let down after another, you will find yourself never producing an answer, only excuses of why things will never change. 

With persistence to find an answer, you allow your mind to incubate the problem and return better qualities of ideas that may lead you to your answer. Without persistence, your mind only dwells on the problem as an insurmountable stumbling block, giving you all the reasons to quit.

Remember that there’s always an answer that’s greater than the problem. If you created the problem, then you, coming from a higher level of consciousness, can create the right solution.

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