Whether you are an artist, a salesperson, a dancer, or a creative, you are at your best when you are yourself. No matter your profession, working out of inspiration will keep you on path and passionate within the moment. 

When you are not working out of inspiration, it’s something that you can feel. It’s something that you can be aware of if you pay attention to the signals. The more aware you are that you are being led by something other than inspiration, the faster you will be able to self correct and get back into the flow. To get you going here are the 5 most overlooked signals:

5 signals that you are led something other than inspiration Begotten Life

1. If You Are Overly Thinking About Every Move

In any situation, if you find yourself in your mind a little too much instead in being fully present, then you are working outside of inspiration. Being fully present, you can feel yourself moving with a sense of knowing. Thinking too much leaves you analyzing every move to the point where you either freeze up and don’t make any moves, or you make moves that does’t feel authentic.


2. If You Find Yourself Trying Too Hard

Speaking of not feeling authentic. If you find yourself attempting to be a certain way just because that’s what you think will impress the people around you, or that will make you fit in, you are trying too hard. In any situation it’s best to be yourself. Some situations may call for your best self, but it is your true being nonetheless. When you’re not being yourself it will be spotted as inauthentic and you could be labeled a fraud. Staying in inspiration, being yourself will show your true uniqueness. This is the easiest person to be, there’s no trying too hard when you are effortlessly being yourself.


3. If You Are Attempting To Force An Outcome

Doing everything you can to bring about a desired goal is a great deal of hustle; having done everything you can but then attempting to manipulate a situation is to force an outcome. You are not working in inspiration at this point, it’s more like working out of desperation. Forcing an outcome can be detected if you find yourself questioning how ethical your actions are. Staying in inspiration will have you feeling at peace knowing that you did everything you could do. There’s no scheming how to push the outcome when it’s out of your control. You just have a quiet knowing that no matter the outcome, what is suppose to happen will happen; and that it all works out in your favor in the end.


4. If You Getting Red Flags

In any profession, you will be met with stumbling blocks and setbacks, but red flags are a little more internal. They come as a feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s feels like something is just not right. Taking a certain action or being given orders that brings about that feeling of something is off, your intuition is bringing to your consciousness red flags. It can be viewed as the spirit attempting to let you know that you are moving in the wrong direction, away from your path. While working in spirit, at each turn on your path it just feels right. Even when there are obstacles, you feel a belief that the right help will come at the right time. You have an understanding of what needs to be done, even if you don’t know every step.


5. If You Are Filled With Anxiety

When you find yourself in a place of constant anxiety, you are working outside of inspiration. Anxiety is not found in the place of knowing. This feeling is present when you move from inspiration to limitation. When in spirit, your confidence level is high and there is no reason to feel anxiety because you know and believe that your current actions will bring about a desired result. 


These are 5 signals to look out for. If you ever become aware of any of these, make the proper adjustments and quickly get back on your path. Stay inspired as much as you can and you will find that joy will be easily found in your life.