There is an event happening every moment in our lives. All of which that is calling for your energy. Your perception of the quality of life can be gauged by what in life you focus on and how much energy you give to different events and situations that happens in your life. Let’s talk about certain kinds of situations. There are times where something can be viewed as a huge problem, but then there are many times where petty situations are viewed as a bigger problem then what it really is. If you find yourself giving too much energy to the petty things, this may help identify them and get your mind back in the direction more beneficial for your advancement.

Are you stuck on petty Begotten Life

Identification of Petty Situations

When it comes to what is classified as a petty situation, it’s more of a subjective view left up to the individual; but there are some things that can be widely accepted as energy suckers. Depending on your quality of life and the goal of how you wan your life to be, the identification of matters that doesn’t warrant much dwelling upon can be more readily agreed on.

If you find that your life is filled with the emotion of being irritated, then become more aware of what’s causing the irritation. Is it the conversations with friends? Is it what you see on TV? Could it be some websites you frequently visit?

When you become more aware of what’s triggering your less than desired emotions, you will begin to find the culprit or culprits. Once they are brought to your consciousness, you will begin to see how silly they are and how much of a waste it is to give so much energy to them.

For example, you find yourself getting upset over the views a co-worker may express. You are thinking about this person’s views for the rest of the day, wondering how can they even say the things they did. Every time you think about it, it makes you so mad. You go home and tell your spouse about your day and your co-worker’s contradictory belief from yours. While explaining the situation to your spouse you are getting so emotionally involved that it is apparent that this situation is feeding on your energy.

This seems to happen at least 4 times a week where a co-worker just plucks your nerves just with a conversation that may not even be directed to you! And every night you come home and talk about these situations with so much irritation in your voice to the point where your afternoon is jaded with a distasteful emotion.

By taking a step back and looking at these situations, you may find that it’s not even something worth investing feelings over. There wasn’t an argument with your co-worker and other people conversations doesn’t affect your life in any way. By taking things like this into account, you can realize that it’s not worth your happiness—or sanity—getting so involved with petty matters.


The Addiction of Petty Matters

 Reacting to petty matters over and over creates the habit of unconsciously wanting to react to as many small situations as possible. Being irritated by something as small as how a reality TV star acts becomes an addiction for you. You begin to express your distain more often with emotional intensity about the things around you that annoy you.

A mind focused on where it wants to go will not get emotionally involved with the petty matters that has no effect on the desired destination. The addiction to these petty matters though, will make it difficult to see this fact and will serve you with much irritation and unnecessary anger in your life.

Once you become aware of the petty situations, before you react to it and become emotionally involved, ask yourself, “Will this situation have any major impact in the quality of my life?” If not, then don’t give into the ego that gets upset to any opposition in thought.

Let’s be clear, I’m not saying to not watch TV, or stop talking to your co-workers, or friends for that matter; I’m stating that it would be wise not to get too emotionally attached to an opinion or situation that will not enrich your life one way or another. If you find yourself being emotionally triggered by small matters, then you may be stuck on pettiness. If that’s the case, become more aware and continuously ask yourself the previous question. Once you see how small the situation really is, you may be able to detach yourself from having to become so irritated by the latest celebrity rant and ignorant statements.