Do you hate that feeling of waking up in the morning knowing that the day will be another one that you will have to fight? Knowing that your problems awaits, you get mentally prepared for the battle. What if there was a way to call a truce? What if you could just vanish the demons that waits your arrival?

stop fighting the day Begotten Life

Turning A Back To Your Demons

Fighting against all of the crap in your life causes a continuance of crap coming into your life. If what you focus on expands, then focusing on fighting against the things you would like to get rid of in your life will either cause those things to grow into bigger problems or bring more situations for you to continue to fight against.  Giving so much attention and energy—in this case, emotion—to the situations you are fighting off, you are opening the door for even more to fight off.

A great thing to do is to turn away from your demons. Deprive your problematic situations of the energy you are currently giving it. This is not to say that you should just act like the situations doesn’t exist, it’s better to describe it as you’re giving more focus to the solution that will rid you of the problem. Turn to the destination you would rather be in life and stay focused on giving your energy to that.

Instead of turning around every chance you get and angrily condemning the problems, place more emotion into the good that you desire to see in front of you. The more you do this, the more you will release the negative energy and allow the positive energy to enter. As this happens, you feel less like you’re in a fight and more like you’re taking part in a journey towards your good. Now the solutions that you are focussing on will continue to expand until one day you look up and that problem is nowhere to be found to fight.


What To Do When The Demon Is You

The same thing applies when the demon you are tired of fighting is you. Turning away from the demon will drain it of it’s power. How do you turn away from yourself? When there’s a quality of yourself that you would like to change, like having a quick temper for example, you have to choose the opposite quality that you would like to have. After choosing, you place your focus on that quality.

In those times where you find yourself getting irritated, instead of getting upset at yourself that your temper is going south—which only exacerbate the bad temper because you’re fighting against it—become aware of your state and place it on the quality you would rather express. 

The more you practice turning away from who you think you are and turn towards who you want to be, the faster you change those qualities and become who you wanted to be. It’s not a fight, on the contrary, you give in to your better self and give up your old self. You’re not fighting it because you’re not proclaiming it. Anger is not something you have to fight against, it becomes patience is the quality you choose to dwell in.

When you proclaim that you will be a certain way, the only time you are fighting against your old self is when you are giving too much attention to the thoughts of your old self. Cutting those thoughts off immediately when you become aware of them and replacing it with the thoughts you would like to think retrains the brain to give more attention to those thoughts. The fighting cease when there is no opponent to acknowledge.

Acknowledging that there is a fight that you must encounter is to acknowledge that you are not who you want to be. Choosing who you want to be and being it in your mind first, before there is external evidence, calls for a cease fire and summons the trumpets of victory.

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