Remember as children there were things you knew you wanted, places you wanted to go or a certain person you wanted to be? Seems like, more often than not, these dreams are pushed aside as adults and are replaced for what “real life” has to offer. Why do people push their dreams and aspirations so far to the back of their mind that they forget about them and what would happen if they were rediscovered and placed in front of us daily?

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Childhood Dreams Suppressed For Satisfaction

As I was coming home yesterday, I heard these 2 young children, on the bus stop with their mom, talking to each other. The younger boy pointed in my direction and said, “I like that car, I want that one.” The girl pointed to a motorcycle whizzing by, exclaiming the same about that one. 

It made me think about how my friends and I used to talk when we were young. We would always pick out or see something nice and say, “That one’s mine!” The feeling we felt when looking at things we wanted or pretending to be people we wanted to be was gratifying in itself.

Growing up though causes too many people to throw those childhood dreams and goals onto the heap of coal torched in the flames of life. Life, the circumstances we find ourselves in that couldn’t be any more further away from those dreams. It happens so subtly that we don’t even realize that we have adopted our current environment and suppressed those childhood desires.

Whenever there is anything on TV or someone around us that triggers the reminder of the suppressed desires, people tend to write it off as simply not possible to obtain for themselves. The desire peeks into consciousness and people quickly pushes it back down with sayings like, “I would love to have that car, but it costs more than my house! I’ll never be able to afford that.”

By declaring that they can never afford it, they pushes the desire back out of consciousness and keeps their present circumstances the same. It’s basically a way the ego is protecting itself. Think about how it feels to have a desire you think you can never obtain. It’s a horrible feeling! It’s like self torture and because of those nasty feelings, people instead suppress their childhood desires.


Being Brave Enough To Hold On To Your Dreams

Those horrible feelings that pop up when you think about all the things you used to want feel bad because you have accepted in your mind that your current situation will be permanent or that your luxurious dreams are too far fetched to ever happen. Suppressing your dreams will never create a fulfilling life, only a life of regrets.

It may be uncomfortable, but I invite you to be brave enough to keep your dreams in the forefront of your mind on a daily basis. You will find that in the beginning it will feel awkward to be taking the lid off of those childhood dreams and desires, but as you persist, something great starts to happen.

The more you dwell on the things you actually want out of life, the more new thoughts will begin to pop into your mind. You will begin to think of ways to actually get what you’ve always wanted. An idea will come to you or inspired actions will begin to happen that brings you closer to your desires. This happens because your brain loves to solve problems. The longer you dwell on a problem with expectancy to find a solution—or in this case the thing you want in life—the harder your mind works to solve it. The puzzle you’re dwelling upon goes into the subconscious and it goes on to put the pieces together.

Have you ever had a question of something that you just couldn’t figure out only to have forgotten about it and later have the answer just pop into your mind? That’s your subconscious continuing the work behind the scenes and once it comes up with an answer, it shoots it over to your conscious mind.

Same thing with your dreams and desires. The more consistent you are with keeping them in front of you, the harder your subconscious works to figure out the steps to fulfill those dreams. Having enough bravery to hold to your dreams in the face of limiting circumstances, will aid you to progress forward in life. A progression that will be much better than attempting to suppress those same dreams.

So dig up your childhood dreams and desires. Pick what you truly want out of life and dare to keep it in front of you at all times. See what new thoughts begin to form when you do this!

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