When it comes to a destination you will ultimately end up in life, your actions will be a determining factor. Your actions, however, are determined by how you think. So what is a way you can have a better chance at getting to a destination that you intended?

ability to hold to your vision Begotten Life

A great way to get to a place that you intended is to set the destination for yourself. Creating a vision in which you can strive for. Once a vision is set, your ability to hold on to that vision will determine if the destination that you’ve set will be the place you actually find yourself. When it comes to having a vision and holding on to it, there are factors you have to consider. First you have to get clear on where you want to go…

Creating A Target To Shoot For

Creating a vision is a huge step for progression in your life. It gives you aim, it gives you a destination to focus on. It’s not enough to be vague about what you want out of life: A nice car, a good spouse, more money. The indefinite demands on life doesn’t bring what you want.

Getting specific, creating a vision, gives you something more definite to focus in on. With a definite vision, you will be able to have a better idea for if you’re on course or not. Instead of aimlessly going through life, seeing what works, you can better gauge if a situation can aid you in your vision.

It May Not Be Easy, But It’s Worth It

Consciously holding your vision in front of you may not be an easy task over a long period of time, but it will all pay off at the end. In the beginning, it is very exciting just thinking about your vision and where you’re going. The test comes into play as time goes on and disappointments happens. 

Those moments when you are disappointed, your mind begins to run those self defeating programs attempting to take you off your path. The vision can become hard to hold while thoughts of failure and pending doom is weighing on your consciousness. These are the times where your ability to hold to your vision is crucial to your success.

Through the ups and downs on your journey, the more consistent you are in giving more belief and emotion to your vision, the more you will be able to stay on the path to that destination that you see in your vision. It’s one thing to get excited about a vision when you first set one, it’s another to sustain that excitement until that vision comes into fruition.

Not having a strong ability to hold on to your vision in this way makes it difficult to stay on the path. Every disappointment and setback you have will weaken your resolve to the point that you lose all belief that your vision can come true. Once your belief is gone, thinking of the vision begins to seem pointless, so it’s given up.

It may not be easy to hold on to a vision when things are going wrong, but if you cultivate the ability to stay focus solely on your vision with emotion, then you will be able to bounce back from setbacks quicker. You will be able to get back on the line and move forward towards your destination.