A city being destroyed, a present becoming history. Lot and his family makes an exit but his wife looks back and turns into a pillar of salt. We’ve heard and read the story before, but that story plays itself out on a daily basis in many people lives. Here’s the curse of Lot’s wife that happens today and how to avoid it…

curse of Lot's wife Begotten Life

The Pillars Of Salt Of Today

Looking at salt as a preservative, when the family is told to leave the city and don’t look back and the wife did, the pillar of salt can be seen as she was preserved in her old state which came to ruins along with the city. The family was to go forward and begin a new life in a new place with a new future, but she looked back at their old life and she perished with it.

The lessons for today can be seen when people want better in their lives. Choosing to look for a better future and begin taking the steps towards that future, their circumstances attempt to lure them back. When most people give in to the enticement of their sabotaging self talk as they reach the point of the unknown, they gaze back on their old life or the old selves with longing in their heart for a familiar comfort. In doing so they revert back to their old selves and are essentially preserved in it.

When growing into the person you would like to be, there is a period of time where your old self—your old patterns of thinking that created your current situation—is hardwired in your brain and is slowly pruning away the connections. During this period, whenever you turn back to those old patterns of thinking, you reverse the process of change and restrengthen the pattern, thus keeping you stuck in your old life. 

Never Turn Back

As Lot was told to go forward and not look back, also we must go forward towards the life we want without looking back. Looking back, giving total attention to the self you no longer want to be will keep you retained in your former self. There will be plenty of times where limiting thoughts will pop up, calling for your attention. Turning to them and giving too much energy to them, you will slip right back into your old ways.

Be more like Lot and do not turn back. The more you cut off the old limiting thoughts when they pop up and divert your attention to a better quality of thought, the more you will retrain your brain to focus on exactly what you want. By not continuously giving energy over to old thoughts, you allow your brain to prune away those old patterns and rewire in a way that’s more favorable to your success.

Your freedom is ahead of you. The life you want stands before you. Keep focus on that which you say you want. Bring all attention and thoughts to the future you are intending. In doing so, you will break the curse of Lot’s wife.