You have a dream, you have a goal. You feel good about what you are deciding to strive for, but you soon find that you are the alone in your level of belief in yourself to bring all your dreams into reality. It’s one thing to have people you don’t know, or you don’t really care for, not believe in you, but it can be difficult when the closest people around you don't believe in you. So what can you do when no one else believes in you nor in your vision?

when no one believes in you Begotten Life

Spend Less Time Around Non-Believers

This is a no-brainer for people you may not be close with, but for your closest friends and family members, it gets a little tricky. You have to make a decision of how much time you are willing to give to negative people, even if they are kin. The less time you spend with them, the less chance you will be expose to all of the negative comments about what you are doing.

The more you hang around people who don’t support you, the more you are allowing those opinions to do their dirty bidding within your mind. Dwelling on what others think will make you begin to second guess what you are doing. Not exposing yourself so much to non-believers will help your belief stay strong. 


Stay Surrounded With Big Thinkers

While spending less time around people that don’t believe in you, you can substitute that time with being around big thinkers. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals or have big dreams of their own. These people will show support for you and your dreams. They will keep you motivated as you move forward in your life.

Keeping yourself around big thinkers is not limited to who you are physically around. Reading books, listening to audios, and watching videos of some of the great thinkers will keep your mind submerged in the energy of belief. There will be times that you will need a boost or a revival of spirit. Reviewing the books or audios of thought leaders will help get your energy back up to keep going.


Stop Talking

If you know that certain people don't believe that you can achieve your goals, then stop talking about it to them! If talking to someone about your goals causes an argument where you are defending your dreams, then it will be more peaceful for you to keep your dreams to yourself. It's a waste of time and energy to attempt to make someone believe in you with your words.  

Quiet action towards your goals is more powerful then words of aggression. This is definitely so with people that are close to you. When you go do what you have to do to succeed at your goals instead of trying to convince your closest people to become believers, you show with your actions that your beliefs are real. Most people are so stuck in "reality"—in the physical—that they have to see it to believe it.  You have the vision for your life, they don't; so when you let action present your case, you allow the evidence of your life to be the proof most people need to believe.  


It’s more important that you believe in yourself over others believing in you. Your own belief is what will give you the will to make your dreams come true and on the journey, you will gain more believers through your applied belief. So when no one else believes in you, keep your own beliefs strong and get a tunnel vision for your dreams.