Would you say that you are in a situation pending doom? Feel your anxiety rising the more you think about how bad things can end up? Life seems to never come up short with it’s share of problems. So how can you know for sure that you will overcome the predicament that you are in? It’s a couple of things to keep in mind to help you keep calm and push forward out of your situation…

Know you will overcome this disaster Begotten Life

Do Not Stare At The Wall

The common saying for race car drivers is if you’re spinning out of control, to get your car out of danger, don’t stare at the wall. The reason is that if you stare at the wall while trying to turn you’re car away from it, you will end up crashing into the wall. Stare at the open field and the car makes it’s way to the open field.

Wherever you place your focus is where your energy goes. Focusing on the wall—pending danger—will lead you directly into the danger. Instead focus on where you want to go. Placing your energy on a solution will help re-steer you in the right direction.

This is not to say, act like the danger doesn’t exist. Recognize that the danger does exist but right afterwards, place greater focus on the solution. Staying locked in on what needs to be done will help you take the necessary steps to turn the tables.


When The Smoke Clears, You’re Still Here

Here’s a great thing to think about and remember: How many disasters in your life have you survived—approximately? 

If you’re still living—and I assume you are—then every situation that was interpreted as a disaster in your life has been overcame. Tough times will pop up throughout life, but when there’s no other choice but to persist, that’s exactly what we do. Over time, you will find yourself rising above that situation and when you do, you are able to look back at it in gratitude.

During the situation, it may seem terrible, but afterwards you can examine how you have grown from it. Knowing that you have survived every other personal disaster that has come your way, look forward to overcoming the one you’re currently in. Don’t think, “I don’t know how I will survive if this happens”, because you’ve survived already. You will keep on surviving.

When the smoke is all around, it’s difficult to see the path, but keeping your determination to trek forward despite the pending disaster will get you through to the other side. Once the smoke clears, there you will be, standing stronger. 

If you know that you’ve gotten stronger from past problems, then stay with a calm spirit and know that you will be stronger after this situation. Muscles are made by resistance and it is so with every life struggle. They are there not to break you but to make you bigger than what you are currently.