In any profession, there is an art form that is expressed by those who become professionals in their craft. Many people do not carry out their actions with artistry because of the motives that are behind their actions. What are the reasons behind your daily operations? What are your intentions that go into your craft? Whatever they are, here is a good thing to keep in mind about keeping an intention to master and express the art form of what you do…

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Doing Things In A Certain Way

When it comes to doing your tasks within your profession, the way you go about them is a bigger factor than what you are actually doing. Wallace D. Wattles wrote about that it’s not the certain things you do; it’s doing things in a certain way. Two people can use the exact same method to complete a task, but one who does it with more conviction and pride will complete the task with a better execution.

Relating this with expressing your artistic side, when it comes to your profession, are you just going through the motions or are you focusing on your craft with the intent to express your genuine self. Going about your task in such a way breaths life into what you do that can become so mechanical due to so much repetition or chasing an established style.

Sometimes doing things in a certain way may lead you to completing projects in a less than normal way but when the intention is about giving your all to the art form with high quality and uniqueness, you will have a finished project that is unlike the norm. If you are more committed to the art form and not the trend or just to make a dollar, your uniqueness will make you stand out. And when matched with a level of quality, you will become the one that people will seek out for your expertise in your profession.

Identity Through Expression

Having the intention to express your artistic views within your profession is more than just trying to be different. Being different comes naturally because you are actually expressing your true self when you express your art. The uniqueness that makes you who you are comes into form with every project you set out to complete. The things that make you tick, the quirkiness you may have, the persistence you may hold, the love of life, the infatuation you have with the morning sky. All of these qualities and views you hold will be displayed throughout your work.

When expressing the art that you hold inside, it’s a beautiful way of manifesting who you are into physical form. When this is done, you can not help but have something that is unique because you are unlike anyone else on this planet.

I ask again, what are the reasons behind what you do when it comes to your profession? If it’s to just make money, then your actions will suffer from lack of artistry. Extrinsic motivations are not nearly as strong as intrinsic motivations. Doing something only for the reason to gain something extrinsically stifles your art. You go to complete your task with more of the reward on your mind, therefore you tend to go through the motions just to say that the project is done. If you have never read Drive by Daniel H. Pink, check it out for a more in depth view into intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation.

Your identity comes through when actions are taken with artistry backing them. The wrong motivations will have you compromising your artistry. If you are trying to chase a trend, then you will try harder to fit in instead of stand out. In this case, you actually suppress your identity. Your voice, which only you can express in this world, will be silenced when choosing to fit into a cookie cutter method of operation. 

Whatever your profession is, carrying out your actions with artistry backing them will bring about a level of quality that will be your speciality that will be hard to find anywhere else. Express yourself through your work and stand out amongst the many who try their hardest just to fit in.