Having a goal or a dream that you’re actively pursuing comes with it’s ups and downs. When problems and complications comes about, should it be taken as a setback or a sign to stop? How can you recognize the difference between the two? Figuring out which is which can help save you from unnecessary hardship.

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The First Step Is Clarity

Before you can have a better understanding of a setback and a sign to stop, having a clear intention of what you want your overall life to look like and your major life purpose will help place things in perspective. Once you have a clearer view of your life purpose, it becomes easier to identify setbacks and stop signs. 

Now when you set your goals, you can gauge if your goals will lead you to the overall life you are looking forward to. When problems arises, you can determine that if your goals get you to the overall life you want, then this problem is just a setback and it is something worth overcoming in order to be one step closer to your dreams.

Problems that come up on your journey of living out your life purpose can be identified as just setbacks because you know that if you rise above them, then the other side obtains something that you truly want out of life.

The Stop Signs

Taking a hardship as a sign to stop comes into play after you analyze the path that you’re on. Will you pushing through this sign bring you closer to your life purpose, or does it align with the picture you have for your overall life? If the answer is no, then this event can be viewed as a stop sign for you to cease in striving for something that at the end of the day will not enrich your life in the way you are looking for.

Another way to classify a stop sign is to weigh the price you will have to pay if you pressed forward. If you come to the conclusion that that price is something that you are not willing to pay, then abandon the course. Most of the time a problem is only a sign to stop if you find yourself not willing enough to overcome it for your dreams. This is a sign in itself that your dream may not be something that you’re totally emotionally invested in; therefore, you are uninspired to press forward when adversity arises.

Think about something that you really wanted and actually have now. No matter what complication came along, you were willing to press through it because you really wanted your end goal. There was no consideration of any kind of stop signs, only setbacks.

If you ever find yourself in a position where a situation arises that doesn’t align with your overall life goal or where you have no emotional connection to the goal in mind, then the situation may be a stop sign. If you find yourself presented with a problem that the answer will lead you to live your life purpose or you hold more energy in your goal, then the situation may just be a setback. At the end of the day it’s comes down to what you are willing to overcome and pay for that determines a setback or a stop sign.