For the longest, I could remember seeing, thus having, the habit of people looking to the sky for help. Even looking back on history people would, more often than not, look towards the heavens for redemption, answering of a prayer, and to praise the celestial bodies.

I would be the first one to admit that I absolutely love space and the science that goes along with it, but I after so many years of learning and contemplating, I felt a little off at looking to the sky for answers. Just let me say that whatever your faith is, whatever you believe in, this is not an attempt to convince you of anything else. This is just my personal reasons why I don’t look to the sky anymore.

Don't look sky anymore Begotten Life

1. Tired Of Looking Out There For What Can Be Found In Here

Looking to the sky for a Power that can heal, answer your prayers, give you comfort is the same Power that can be found within you. Looking outwardly would be to affirm that there’s no such Power that resides within. Seeing that my Creator is omnipresent, that means that this Power can be found within me. Instead of looking far off, I can look within for the Power I need.

2. I Stopped Limiting My Creator To My Own Human Imagination

It just didn’t seem right that my limited human imagination could make a finite image on the Almighty, having Him residing somewhere only in the sky. Seeing that He fills the space of every inch of the cosmos, then looking only to the sky mentally limits His true Power and capabilities.

3. I Wanted To Get Out Of The Beggars Mentality

Looking to the heavens, asking for help places you in a victim’s position. In that position you have to have someone or something outside of you to come to your rescue. Coming to the realization that the same Power that’s in the heavens is the same Power that can be found in you, you can look within for all the help you need. This moves you from the beggar mentality to an empowered person.

4. Did Not Like The Impersonal Relationship

Looking to the sky hoping to be heard and get a response felt like a one way relationship. Knowing that He is also within, I can have a more personal relationship with Him. By looking inward, I’m able to find comfort within the Power and at the same time learn more about myself.

5. I Want To Experience The Feeling Of Knowing That It Is “He Within Me That Does The Work”

When it comes to the prophets all the way to the Master Teacher, they all gave credit to the Power within that does the work. They knew that the same Power that is out there is in all of us. They allowed that Power to flow through them in order to do the great things they did. This feeling can only be felt when you stop looking out there for your Power and look within. All that is needed for you to succeed can be found within. The wise person knows that their accomplishments are not of their own makings but He who is within that makes it so.