Remember as a child, how you used to anticipate the gifts you were getting for birthday? How about the anticipation of your trip to the amusement park? The feeling of excitement building up inside you kept your energy high and your mind in constant vision casting. This type of anticipation is the kind that can take us a long way in our matured phases of life.

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The Mind Behind Anticipation

With the above examples of the good anticipation, comes a favorable mind that can be utilized in our lives today. This type of mind expresses the expectancy of the good to come.  When thinking about an event with the feeling of expectancy, what you’re expressing is the total belief and eagerness that the event is bound to happen as you are picturing it.

The same goes for the things you are looking forward to having. Thinking of the things you want with the feeling of anticipation, you are holding the absolute belief that you will have it. It’s not a question of if, you know that you are obtaining what you want.

The Expectancy We Hold As Adults

The mind behind your anticipation holds true for the things we least desire also. Going into an event, expecting the worst outcome brings fear. Because of that fear, you act in a way that brings about a rendition of the outcome you were not looking for; thus, confirming your expectancy. That’s usually followed with a “I knew that was going to happen.”

As we got older, somewhere along the way we began to anticipate the negatives in life. The reasoning behind this can be that we are subconsciously attempting to protect ourselves from being hurt. Instead of anticipating the good and it not come about, we expect the bad so we won’t be hurt and disappointed when the good doesn’t happen.

The thing about this type of expectancy we hold as adults is that we tend to, more often than not, see in life what we believe. If we are believing more that the worst outcome will come to past, it usually does if not some rendition of it.

Holding on to the feeling of anticipation as you used to as a child can come in handy as an adult. Knowing that we usually get out of life what we believe, holding the expectancy of having what you want can start bringing more of it into your life. Also, with the positive anticipation, you can harness that energy and use it to take more inspired actions that will bring about that what you anticipate. Looking forward to having something long enough will inspire you to take the steps to actually get it. 

It’s the exact opposite of expecting the worst. If you’re expecting something bad, then you don’t want to press forward. You find yourself “not in the mood”. But when you are anticipating the best outcome, you are more than eager to get to it. So take the cue from your younger self and fall in love with the anticipation. Use it in the way that will aid you in life instead of using it in the way that keep you frozen. Dare to see what you want and fall in love with the fact that it will definitely be yours.