What’s the probability of you getting what you want out of life?  If you’re looking from a scientific point of view, you may be able to say something like 1%-20% depending on what you are aiming for; but if you were to ask the people who obtained the things and the life they wanted, they would probably say that they knew 100% that they would get what they wanted. Is there a way to know for yourself that you will obtain what you want and are there any examples in your own life to reinforce this knowing?

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Knowing Is A Choice, Not A Fact

The best way to know for yourself that you will get what you want out of life is to choose to know that you will absolutely obtain everything you want. Seems too simple and impractical? Some of the best practices are simple but the test comes into play when external events occur.

Choosing to know is the simple part but how does your mind comes into play when an external event happens that can be perceived as evidence that your goal wasn’t meant to be? If you are saying that you want something out of life but are constantly doubting if you can because of what you’re experiencing, then you don’t have a mind of complete faith to know that you will obtain your goal.

Coming to the conclusion that you know that the life you seek is yours without having a mind filled with doubt brings you to the point you can say that you will most certainly live that life.

Most people look for some kind of evidence to give them permission to believe that they will obtain what they want. If they can’t find the evidence, they never come to the point that they know for sure, 100%, that they will obtain what they want. The problem with this is that to know something for sure is a choice, not a fact.

We all know that the world is round, it’s a widely accepted “fact”, but just a couple centuries ago people knew without a doubt that the earth was flat. Pluto was taught in school that it was the ninth planet; now, only a couple years ago, it has been taken out of the curriculum because scientist decided that it can not actually be classified as a planet.

What we hold as today’s facts will be tomorrow’s follies. So when it comes to knowing, we choose to hold belief in what strongly appeals to us. Looking for facts can be limiting while your choice is boundless. It’s your choice so choose what will advance you, not limit you.

Examples Of Your Own Life

When it comes to having a mind of knowing, you don’t have to look any further for examples of it’s validity than your own life. I’m sure if you observe all of the things you wanted in life, no matter how big or small, you will see that you probably have obtained 90%-100% of them. I’m talking about the things that you absolutely wanted and desired with the mind of knowing that you will have it. In these situations you didn’t wait on any permission to have a strong desire, you saw what you wanted or decided about something you wanted out of life and you obtained it.

Looking at the examples in your life, think about the times where you decided you wanted to be somewhere like a certain college, complete a certain goal like a masters degree, or have something like a new car. The times where you decided with absolute resolve that you will have what you want, you gained a mind of knowing without needing any kind of evidence to confirm your decision. With this mind of knowing, any kind of opposition didn’t register in your mind as reasons why you may not obtain what you want. It was just something that you had to work around. 

Really, all opposition past away as soon as you knew you would get what you wanted. The oppositions became just the journey, never the evidence for doubt. Probability may scientifically tell you the percentage of your chances of obtaining what you want but those who chose to have the mind of absolutely knowing that they will succeed saw only the probability of 100% in their favor. They knew they had to succeed, it wasn’t a question of if they would. The same can be with you if you just choose to know for yourself that you are destined to have the life you want. Along the journey, remember everything else in your past that you received while having the mind of knowing that you would receive them. It’s your choice to have a firm belief of knowing. Choose to have this mind and keep your focus and feeling in that mind until it becomes an automatic, unwavering feeling of knowing that you will obtain all that you want.