When it comes to your vision, there is no one else that will see and believe in it like you do. Having a vision of how you want your life to be is a precious mind sight to hold on to; but too many people allow their vision to be either crushed by other people or determined by family and friends. There are times your vision may come into question, but staying focused on it will brings you all you want and more…

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The Power Of A Vision

The power of having a vision is a great tool in life. It gives you direction and an image that’s better than what you are currently seeing in the present. No matter how good or bad you are viewing your life at the moment, having a vision for better gives you an opportunity to grow bigger than who you are at this moment.

Vision gives you purpose; it brings more order to your life. With it, you begin to have a better framework to work in, guiding your actions towards a destination. Without it, you feel like you’re walking aimlessly through life, giving in to whatever opinion a person has for you. As the Proverbs say, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Age doesn’t matter, if you have a breath in your body, then you can harness the power of a vision to strive even higher. You’re either growing or dying. Without harnessing the power of a vision, you are stagnant and are not growing, therefore the opposite is true. No matter where you are in life, there’s always a vision that is greater than the present. An image that is worth striving for.

When Your Vision Is Tested

Creating a vision for yourself is pretty easy, you just have to take the time to actually think of what you want out of life and create an image depicting you having it. The test of your vision begins when it starts to be opposed by others who don’t understand. These people will speak with so much conviction that what you are striving for is next to impossible or that you’re heading towards a dead end.

If your vision is weak, then the comments and suggestions of others will easily sway you into giving up your dream. Make note that your vision is YOUR VISION! It’s nobody’s job to believe in it as you do. Nobody else is responsible for joining in with your vision. Much opposition may indeed come your way, but your job is to stay rooted in your image of life’s coming attraction. It’s not your job to try and persuade people into believing in your vision. Your job is to every so steadily move forward towards your vision until it’s materialized for all to see.

When your vision is tested by friends and family, these are the moments you have to make the seemingly difficult decisions to stay on the path of your vision. Give more faith in the images you hold and in the process and continue on the path. Taking on the task of trying to please as many people as possible is to place yourself in a losing situation. You can never please everyone and the more people you please for their sake of opinion, the more you lose your say in the destination you will end up in life—and your personal voice. The more convicted you are in where you are going, the more you will find the right people that will come along and share in your vision.

When information comes your way, swaying you to follow advice or opinions, take in consideration if that information can fit in any way into the steps towards or to fulfill your vision. If you find that it in any way takes you off your path, then stay on your path once again with more faith in your end goals. Granted, these may be the toughest decisions you will have to make but in the end is it more important to please others to the point that your life is predicated on people’s opinions or is it more important to live your life as your authentic self?