Living a life where you wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and get ready for bed just to wake up the next day and do it all over again is a life that eats away at you. Running the same script every week, months at a time ends up becoming boring. If you’re at this point of feeling like your life has become a automatic loop of the same experiences day in and day out, then it’s an indication that you agree that being normal is boring. Here’s why and how to break out of a “normal” life…

Being normal is boring Begotten Life

Living Life On Replay

Living a normal life can be viewed as living a life that’s acceptable to societal standards. The standard of waking up, going to work and coming home having the same routine slowly ushers in the boredom. It’s such a slow process and brings a level of comfortability that it’s almost unrecognizable. 

As the years go by, living the normal life you begin to feel dissatisfaction to rise. This happens because living a life on replay doesn’t bring any new stimulation to your mind. Doing the same thing everyday puts the brain in automatic mode, just going through the motions to get the tasks done. There’s no stimulation because your brain doesn’t have to be engaged in your daily routine.

Your spirit is always looking for expansion and because of this, your brain is a goal seeking organism. It loves to solve problems and sticking with the same daily routine of a normal life doesn’t call for any new or exciting problem to solve. When this comes to your consciousness, you begin to feel unsatisfied and want to break free from your own life.

Breaking Away From Normal

The tricky part of wanting to get away from your normal life is the comfortability that has set in from living your life on replay for so long. Even though you want more out of life, you resist any change—even if it’s a positive one—that’s out of your ordinary lifestyle. The habit of routine has set in and with any attempt to step out of normalcy brings self sabotage that keeps you in your bubble.

When breaking away from normal, you have to find the things that excite you. Once you have found it, make a plan on how you can experience this excitement more in your life. If it’s a new skill, then look up the info you need to learn that skill. If it’s an activity, block out time to do it. If it’s a passion that you want to turn into a business, then you will have to make a plan to work towards this on your off time, in place of what you normally do.

With all of these examples, your habit will attempt to convince you that it’s not worth going for anything bigger. The chatter that will take place in your mind will get louder the closer you are to stepping out of your normal lifestyle. Finding the push to just step out and do what you say you want to do will make you uncomfortable, but the more you step out to experience more excitement, the easier it gets to stay out of the normal lifestyle.