Does it ever seem like no matter how far you’ve come, there’s always a problem that seems to pop up in your life? Once you are done with one, it’s just a matter of time another one pops up. Why is this the case? Is it some kind of cosmic conspiracy? Must problems follow us throughout our lives?

tired having many problems Begotten Life

Are Problems Necessary?

The short answer is yes. Without problems there are no challenges; with no challenges there is no growth. Problems are not here to make you suffer. They are actually here to assist you in life. They are used by the Universal Intelligence, the Creator, as a learning tool and a way to reveal you to yourself.

For example, you may pray to your Creator to make you a stronger person only to be placed in a situation that exposes your weakness. This situation is not a sign that your Creator has ignored you; on the contrary, this situation is given to you in order for you to overcome it and a become stronger person—just what you prayed for.

Problems are not there for you to just wallow in, it’s there calling on you to grow and gain the experiences needed for you to expand. Without these kind of situations, there is no catalyst for growth. It’s just like how we form muscles, we use the resistance of the weights to get a stronger body. Problems can be viewed as the resistance needed to develop a stronger and sharper mind.

When A Problem Cease From Being

Seeing that problems are always going to be around in our lives, we can choose to view them differently. As stated earlier, we can adopt the perception that they are there to assist us. It is more empowering to hold this higher understanding. We are able to look back at school and understand why it was so important to learn the basics of math; and so it is with the situations of today. It’s life’s class attempting to give you a higher understanding for you to live your life the way you say you want.

5 x 5 is a problem to solve. It was once a time in your life that it was a problem you had to work out to get the answer. Now you just know that it’s 25. It's the same with life’s difficulties. When you grow in understanding, the problems that used to frustrate you are easily solved when—or if ever—they come you way again. You’ve grown bigger than the problem; therefore, you have stopped viewing it as one.

At every step in your life there will be something for you to rise above. The more willing you are to use these times to better yourself and sharpen your skills, the more you will find yourself rising above these situation. Whenever there’s a higher state you want to rise to, you must rise above the resistance in order to inhabit that state. The problems are there to groom you to become the person you want to be. There may have been a lot of problems in your life and yes there will be more to come. 

As Jim Rohn said with his famous quote, “Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.” The more equipped you are at attacking life, the farther you are able to go. It’s not the thought to have less problems, it’s the thought to have a better quality of problems to solve. In solving them, you advance yourself higher in life and are able to guide others through because you have come to understand the methods needed to overcome.